no first, no last, no top, no down … just the circle, open and inviting, without and end and without a beginning … flowing to grow into ever greater harmony

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no first, no last, no top, no down … just the circle, open and inviting, without and end and without a beginning … flowing to grow into ever greater harmony


i got blessed by being taken by one of my selfs to a roleplay walk …



i started to edit this text what wrote today … live … online at the kleemi portal … like … it started with the tobin tax .. i saw it today while sitting on the dentist s chair… tobin tax in the news … and i felt like .. this is it … the world turning for the good … now … it … starts … acellerating

so after the dentist, i went to public wifi place and posted the wikipedia article on tobin tax to kleemi conversations with an oppinion phrase about orchestrated global introduction of tobin tax …. coming home from a visit to the art museum … i wanted to play wetopia somehow … but instead started to add to the tobin tax conversation i was having with myself … and who knows is … was … will be reading it trough time and space …

so here is the text i copied from kleemi … again …. i wrote it live … one comment after the other …. just looking up …. the correct term for auctioning off stocks in online translation website … but all the other content…. original, from the moment, in the flow, being inspired

////////////////// oh that it is finally coming seems to be sure sign of more sustainability being introduced in global finance hope it can be implemented in most places everywhere in orchestrated ways “A global Robin Hood Tax at 0.25% would generate a daily tax volume of ten billion US dollar that could be considered as a risk premium to insure the world against systemic risks!”

i am certainly not a right wing admirer of monsieur sarkozy, but his engagement for the tobin tax … i say thanks for that

from the above linked reuters news article: “Evidently France should do it along with others. But, my dear compatriots, if France waits for the others to decide to tax finance, finance will never be taxed,” Sarkozy said (…)

from here on then i dream further … one day a person wakes up and decides to say at a spontaneous press conference: obviously, the world will be a safe place without atomic bombs. if we wait for others, it could be a long wait.

that is why i have decided to advocate and engage myself from now on for a total disarment. i will work for the total abolishment of all armed forces in this country and engage myself in building a civil society security what will build a safety net.

it is like roleplay … i do not want to play with real people, what they could achieve or what they could make happen … but instead i try to imagine future scenarios, extrapolating possibilities from present or past real situations

so then, how would it feel like to wake up with all that buzz and excitement of the changing times …. and knowing that strong dedications will bring confidence into first the region and from there on then into the global network

one could see the connections … if i make a strong commitment and pledge to put my actions for it to make it happen … it will help others to also commit to changes … and with or without a planned or orchestrated agenda … changes will be made

dynamics of change … how can orchestration happen without a dictator dirigent … how can concerted efforts synchronize without central planning, how can we trust in the intelligence of decentrally executed actions

role play … the press conference was the thing, much surprise, more questions … but how do you think that could work … will other regions/countries follow total abolishing of all armed forces

i was not so firm on all the answers as i did not have thought about it all in the detail before this morning when it was all so clear in my head what i needed to do … needed to do because it just was the good thing to do …

but by being questioned this way… in the moment, there the firmness grew from minute to minute … and by the end of the press conference, what took now 3 hours … there was enough material coming together to be printed in a 20 pages document …

and guess what, that is what happened … all the newspapers attending the press conference … printed little special editions with the transcript of the press conference … the tv stations sold dvds of it … and … the amazing thing …

all newspapers … all tv stations … all radio stations … funneled all of the profits from this special edition transcripts, video dvd, audio cd s…. into a new founded association what invested this money then to start the civilan safety net

structure building …. this association donated money to neighbourhood assemblies where people learned with each other how all kind of challenging situations involving conflict, violence, confrontations … could be found nonviolent and satisfying

sollutions for…

politicians then … moved by the swift actions of the private media corporations and the citizens in many places … went to the armed forces and asked them to join the neighbourhood assemblies … and they came

the soldiers and police officers came to the assemblies … in their free time … without uniform … and while first only watching with sceptism some of them … soon most of the men being trained to apply violence … were moved to

their inner core by experiencing how women and men took hours and hours of dedicated …. being here with the situation … investing their feelings, sharing their own traumatic bagage … to make room where the one person being the traditional

wrongdoer was no more singled out and rejected, excluded, punished and banished … but on the most contrary… this person was being held, being understood, being given credit for what circumstances one is and was in …

and this healing sessions … that is to what this neighbourhood assemblies grew … first weekly, then everyday, more people came and wanted to see the miracle, be part of it, the change, made here with us in the neigbourhood

and one after the other police men and soldier … being transformed in its views trough these meetings … wrote letters of resignment. and the politicians what motivated them to see the neighbourhood assemblies … in the first place …

they rallied for them to find work in the private sector, with companies who s employes too were neighbours somewhere and were visiting the assemblies … and after a while …

it did not even need the politicians to do the promotion of ex policmen and ex soldiers any more because the neighbourhood assemblies movement grew strong and fast and many a nonviolent private security firm started up these days

but what did i then do… the politician having so much years of a political career and being respected by both members of my own party and by members of other parties … i spurred myself to action the same day after this press conference

this very same day i auctioned off my stocks i got presented with during the twenty something years as an also lobbying politician … i did not look back these day to where they came from, did not want to loose steam in guilt or selfjudgment

i just new, that if i sell them off and put all the money from them into my announced goal to help establishing a citizen nonviolent safety net and a network of trust for citizen, corporations and politicians … both here in the region and

globally … all the wrong or greyzone stuff what happened in the past would be transformed now with this …

so i founded an other association what had especially the politicians and corporations in my mind … as a kind of counterweight to the neighbourhood assemblies movement …

and in the politician and corporations nonviolent network then we basicly did the same as the neighbours were doing locally at the assemblies … we politicians and leaders of corporations gathered to share our hearts… giving many many hours of

time we previously invested in our luxury recreational hobbies … and i tell you what … these hours where we first shouted at each other but then slowly slowly came to a more gentle pace and learned to see each other as sentient beings

these hours i will not forget anytime soon … they were filled with marvelous transformations and many a salty drop went down our cheeks. it did not matter if we gathered as politicians from local parties and leaders of local corporations …

or if the gatherings were kind of being attended by politicians and ceo s from all over the globe … long carreered politician or fresh canditates … megacorp leader or one man company enterpreneur… the dynamics of heartsharing, wanting to attend

the space where our very personal pains were stored and where so very much of our potential was sitting, waiting for it being unlocked …

after a month or so, the politician and corporations gatherings were coming to the understanding that them too were neighbours and so we also went to the neighbourhood healing assemblies, additionaly to the political and corporation gatherings …

like this … after three months … about 40 percent of the whole population were participating in this … let us understand ourselves in sharing community … movement and it was not long after that when more and more ideasandplans were comingup

how the abolishing of all armed forces then could be fullfilled …

many a region all over the globe saw politicians from left to right, from center to extrem political ideologies … ( yet there were not so much extremes left because of the understanding movements transforming effects )

proposing new laws and law changes what were … in different formulations … in a kind of unconcerted but looking at it carefully … having all the nonviolent understanding theme in them

propositions what asked for new laws establishing certain percentage of income from tax to be spent on the neighbourhood nonviolent understanding assemblies as a safety net for the whole society. connected to this expenses would be the

propositions to reduce the budgets for police and army expenses. and one after the other or somehow all together… i can not tell it really now looking back at it … within an other three months

this propositions to funnel finances away from weapons and into nonviolent understanding networks… were being supported by many a politician, being made into laws and within short time the orders for new arms were sinking to nearly null

these countries, where the people could vote for the laws being changed and the armed forces being abolished all together … saw enormous participation rates and the votes reached 60 plus percent of acceptance . as a consequence of this happenings,

most all of the formerly weapon, armour etc. … producing corporations now applied their very sophistacated high tech to faciliate the working experience of many a physicly active person in all fields of work, play and learning.

mainly robotic assistance and miniaturized local production methods they were switching to. exoskeletons for everyone with a high quality 3d printer for every home … this donations to all citizen everywhere was their tribute

to the massive changing of the global power balance

and you know what … me, the 47 year old politician who woke up one day … calling for this press conference … my name did not went into the annals as the all starting it founder… no gloryfication of single persons … no herofication no more

we all … as neighbours, politicians, corporate employes, enterpreneurs … learnt it very quickly in the…. heart sharing and wanting to understand …gatherings … the new world … is no place for orderlies … and … we are all in it

no first, no last, no top, no down … just the circle, open and inviting, without and end and without a beginning … flowing to grow into ever greater harmony



i find this picture very much corresponding to the understanding movement scenario


edited text is also posted as open pad at with the cosketch room opened for it at


what i plan for christmas 2012 … or not …….

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the following text i wrote kind of at various social netoworking sites and offline in text editor … should be about identically published at!/mayloveheal/timeline/story?ut=64&wstart=1325404800&wend=1328083199&hash=8522895955939997735


since about a week i try to start animating more of my ascende story ( what i have achieved so far can be overviewed at ) … and kind of sit down … look at it … and stop again, feeling not ready to go on. one reason might be that i have not found my dietary and fitness rythm again, me blaiming christmas and new year for the interruption. but i have started to do training with little softweights ( 3 kg each arm ), now doing every day one hour. with diet also i see improvements coming, like more vegetables and salads, less carbohydrates. another area i am starting to get into direction i would like to permanently stay … i walked in the woods today for about an hour ball first, without having to think allways … ball first, ball first.

and i allow myself to watch tv, in order to get the stress off my head, the stress, to produce. and so i get the chance to watch

barbie praesentiert elfinchen …

one can say about barbie what one feels like, but this movie was really full of good understanding …. the little girl, what is in a competing like friendship with other girls the same age and all about being trendy or how to impress each other … and here then comes the little elf into her life…. interesting to see how the girl tries first to just capitalize on the little elf what got accidently into her reach …. and then trough experiencing honest friendship with the little elf… and also being enchanted positivly with the fairylike powers of the little elf to make plants grow …. she finally truly helps to save the environment where the little elf lives

seeing this movie, i suddenly feel less pressure to produce the animation to ascende movie …. but a trust, that there will be or allready are some movies, what
can go beyond this …. saving nature into nature parcs … approach and eventually a whole deep green agenda could become positivly lightheadedly, fun to watch and inspiring and moving at the same time … a fiction, what could show us the vertical skyscrapers in the city producing food and oxygen, recreational areas …. a fiction what could show us vast landscapes rewilding because they have been freed from agriculture demands…. a fiction what could show us how mining of minerals and oil and natural gas and metals etc. … comes to an end. a fiction, what can bring before our eyes a play where efficienct use of the minerals and metals we allready have refined and dug out … could be the star. nano …
a piece of fiction in word and picture, sounding and moving … what could make me cry like when i saw the little elfs using their harmonious lovepower to make the plants grow


several hours later, having slept one hour in between ( i am not sleeping enough these days, 6 to 7 hours only when i actually would like to sleep 8 to 9 ) … i again feel the background noise or kind of latent push to just get onto it… start drawing, use that keyboard and garageband and go for it animating the ascende story. having that said now, again the voice of reason comes in telling me, hey, your story is allready out since how many years ? 4 … so it is actually not kind of emergency to let people know about the possibility of free energy antigravitation devices enabling a abundant economy where everyone gets an autonomy allowing robotized home production unit. also there have been several fantastic beautyfull artistic design concepts being in the news both on the net and in glossy print magazines these years … concepts showing sky scraper filled with food production based on hydroponic or aeroponic agriculture systems.
sometimes i am tempted or play with the thought to just take these concepts and mix them together into a collage like setting. what shurely would not be of a big problem as long as i do not sell these collages and if i would make a reference to the skyscraper vertical farming concept designs.
but then again, there is this option i really would like best … me getting really fit and physicly in best form ever … like to really eat no more like a wolf, but truly enjoy my food, chew slowly 40 to 100 times each bite … together with every second day some light weightlifting aerobics … alternating with every other day doing some relaxing walking or light jogging … this regime then could help me to get from my now 92 kg body weight ( had 88.5 end of november 2011, and 101 in july 2011 )
to about 82 kg …plus minus 2 kg … in july 2012 … that would be me having reduced one fifth of body weight in one year, 20 kg in 12 months, what is a totally achievable thing to do. thing is, i have lost the 13 kg from july to september last year, what comes to about 4 kg a month … but then it bounced up again also because this initial high speed was a bit too much. i am not so sure about the six pack abs … of course i would like to achieve that once in my life … had allways a little belly as child … and later ( 2000 to 2005 ) was very nicely thin thanks to spiritual fasts and ganja smoking and lots of extatic dancing and very inspired singing, filming, photographing … but to be honest, this kind of upper body i have now worked on … and biceps … i had never in the 35 years i am cultivating this body … or better said, am allowed to co create this body. so i like that, muscles in the arms, a wide chest, upright walk. so i hope i do not overshoot it, like wanting too much too fast and then crashing. i hope i can go slowly steady at it and reach my weight goal combined with the fundamental change in how i eat.
suppose i stay on this slow but goodfeel train … and occasionally dance a bit for my self to not get all to much machismo bodybuilding fantasy minded, but to keep in mind my love to krsna govinda shiva style grace gentle movement … this then could be a base for occasionally play a tune or two on the keyboard, trying out the garageband software instruments … have a bit fun scribbeling doodling on my nintendo ds …
eventually start up scratch to perhaps do some more experimental free animations …. this all could eventually get me to the point where i would be in september or october 2012 at a stage of inner refinement, what would allow me to … very quickly and nicely …produce a nice sleek piece of word and graphic and moving and sounding … ficition and or documentary collaging ( i would guess 100 pages of writing plus an hour of sound and animations ) in a timeframe of 3 months … so that i could give myself and everybody who eventually likes it … a selfmade christmas present in 2012. of course, this all is projection and no hard plan, as there can be many things in between, most of all me telling myself … hey, nice of you, making this plan all the way 10 months in advance. cleverly thought, so now as you have prooved to yourself that you could think of it and theoreticly would achieve it if you were kind of discipline liking all the way and and and …. one can easily see where that is going … but really, this also is an important part. once one has seen it be possible and has seen it being realized by oneselfs in parts
( i did some utopian writing, made some original music, have done drawings, did collaging with picture material what is in the public domain … i have lost 10 kg … have built up some biceps … have done some dancing … )
at this awareness, the pressure to excell in it … is rapidly falling.

what actually is also very good. as one who tries to empty one s mind completly .. to be ready for this moment when inspiration gently arrives … and picking up the brush very lightly and softly … to find pleasure in the one line showing itself

the web of moments

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Push to conversations

( by clicking onto the link “Push to conversations” and or the tiny cute button with it, this blog post will be shared to conversations at the social network… if you want to integrate this sharing function with your blog/website/etc. … check out )


the web of moments … the net of status updates … studying ones own brain in researching the relationships of my social network sharing items to each other

had many ideas about how single status updates could creativly be designed into relation to other updates, posts, conversations… creative sharing in between many alternative social networks

originally the ideas started flowing at

i then edited the micromessages into a bigger text and posted it at

for the diaspora devs to eventually take notice of

a mindmap style creativity sandbox allowing the user to relate info items in between several social networks
Edit Subject
empowering the users of alternative social networks with free choices of services and creative bookmarklet / forwarding / pushing ways resp. opening up a space for relationships between status updates, posts, conversations

empowering users of alternative social networks to enjoy being creative while sharing infromation with bringing single posts, status updates, conversations … on one or best many social network plattforms into relation with each other

some minutes ago i had this ideas of how a user could freely design the interface how to use what modules, applications, features of which social network … and it got followed by a … lauding myself … brilliant idea to give even more importance to the act of … or better said …. the art of sharing ……

as i see with unthink and diaspora alternative network, there is a lot of development being undertaken …. and i am really looking forward to the day when a user can start to freely compose ones social webinterface

for example … there could be a place where all the alternative networks ( respecting users rights, sensitive to automated data sharing ) are displaying their modules, features, applications the user then can start clicking these modules what could

be fun. next one could start to choose the look of the website one wants to spend time with social networking … like widgets … little boxes … customizable in width and height … where i can assign this or that module from this or that service

regarding the push button … or diaspora network has a bookmarklet what is very comfortable as it allows to push to 4 social networks with one go …. diaspora is open source … i would be happy for example to add klemi as the fifth

thinking about it … i just got a spontaneuous game idea … one finds this awesome article and wants to share to all of the networks one is on … but one also wants to bring this new article sharing into relation of what one has shared before

one clicks the bookmarklet what allows sharing to several services … and on this page there comes a graphical representation … mindmap tree like … with the articles recently shared on the networks one is signed in to … and here than one

can place the new info piece into the kleemi branch, right there near to this other info twig … followed by doing the same for the unthink, diaspora … branches …to indulge even further in the graphical creativity, one can choose the style

of this mindmaps tree … representations of news item being put into relation to each other … one could choose between a zen garden scene … the news items being the little stones … a needle tree or several bushes … and other collaborative online graphic tools might help the user to be creative while pushing news and interesting website articles towards the places friends and collegues might be able to spot them

beside giving the emancipated user a chance to relax a bit from exhausting reading while intuitivly playing with the items, rearranging them, changing colours, adjusting sizes and styles of branches, twigs, leaves, stones …. all this actions

being done subcounciously partly or lets say emotionally guided eventually… might allow a greater accuracy to represent one s own valuation of this and that article, how i intuitivly put this info peace near the other one i have shared 2 weeks ago

the relationship of colours and sizes … that all unlocks loads of informations about me and how my very own personal biological operation system handles information

the art of sharing

visualizing creativly the relationships between one s new posts, status updates, conversations, news forwardings … in one specific and possibly on many social networking plattforms


i wrote an email to with the following text in it:

the web of moments, launched by a cooperation of several alternative networks… as an an incentive for facebook / twitter / google plus users … to switch/join/ spend time at an alternative network


after having spent some time at

being all three … alternative social networks where the user is in control what happens with one s data …

i was thinking lately about how possible could there be an incentive for the billions of happy facebook, googleplus, twitter users … to try out an alternative network …

the privacy advantage and the control about ones own data is certainly an incentive

an other one could be the ideas i have described at

mainly the alternative networks joining forces, allowing users to freely choose modules and highly customize the experience will be a big incentive

secondly, also described in the above idea posted at getsatisfaction … the web of moments idea might offer a whole lot of new avenues when it comes to market integration …

this could be a pro active approach to advertisment … like … if i have all my posts and status updates on several networks being laid out before me in one page … graphicly organised, creativly being linked to each other …. i might perhaps for the first time recognize, how many times i was mentioning this or that brand… or company… or product … or service … not by being annoyed with unwanted ads …. but because i wanted to talk about it … like i have heard some good about it and wanted to share it …. or i just am kind of fanboy/fangirl to that product, brand, company … what is also something natural … and can happen with even the most humble revolutionaires ….

what i want to direct the attention here … because the user has been given full control over what posts shall be in relation to what other status updates or conversations etc. … this user then … having good fun arranging the items over and over again, working on the relationships between the information items … weaving the carpet of events counciously and self aware of being in control … this user than might feel happy to share this self built graphical representation of her/his own web of moments … with the brands, producers, companies … what are being mentioned by ones status updates, likes, conversations etc.

i will post the text of this letter to
as to allow a public exchange beyond networks borders and forum sign ups

with best wishes and many thanks for diaspora network building

mayloveheal andreas buechel

announced at at line 56 i posted an email i sent to what is being announced at as feedback email content of the email being … the web of moments as an incentive to spend time with alternative social networks .. also regarding a proactive, positive, user steered approach to letting brands, companies, producers being part of the social experience … like … if i like a product what does not annoy me with pushy adverts i might be even happy to help them knowing how many times i recommended their products in the last four months … so i might even invite them to come and see my … web of moment … tree/zengarden/…. mindmap …and they are welcome to use the the insight they might be able to get from looking at my graphical representation of relationships in between my net activities … to use the insight for their product research of course this feature of showing parts or all of the … web of moments … as being only applied when the user expressivly wishes to do that … as to activly support a brand, product, company because one really truly wants to

camerafree mobile motion capture as input, smartphone as processor, seetrough dataglasses as output

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camerafree mobile motion capture as input, smartphone as processor, seetrough dataglasses as output

a proposal for a next generation mobile computing environment

is anyone working on using motes/tinyOs for a non-optical human body motion capture system ? replacing keyboard, mouse, touchscreen with many in a second updating position signals from hundreds of senders attached all over the human body

the idea: to use many hundreds of motes or active rfid tags … worked in textile stripes and textiles … ribbons … shirts… trousers… gloves … rings …. bindi style points … what update many times within every second their position signals ….

the user would see his/her whole body being thisway camerafree motion captured on lightweight plastic semittransparent dataglasses …

processor unit(s) would be one or several 1ghz plus smarphones

perhaps this would not even need active rfid tags … i was just reading the specs of some passive rfid tags

Products codes UHF-g2-250 UHF-g2-250HT
Operating Frequency 860 – 960 MHz
Memory size and type 512 Bits – EEPROM
Data retention 10 years
write endurance 10 000 cycles
RF Data Transfer Rate 40-640 Kbit/s
Temperature Range -55° C to +125° C -55° C to 240° C
Degree of protection IP68 (See Note) IP68 (See Note)
Materials Plastic ABS for standard models and PPS resin for HT models
weight 17.8 g 25.7 g
Mechanical dimensions 51x51x6.5mm (± 0.5mm)

but actually i think active rfid tags would be better or motes … because of the decentralized sending activities

has anybody thought about something like this ?

here is a writeup i sent allready out to some people, so far with only a limited feedback … am a bit puzzled why …. i think the idea is marvellous

it is about a next generation truly mobile computing environment …. like kinect for smartphones, but not camera based, instead based on several stripes of lightweight material sending several position status updates per second …. but let me start from beginning … the central part of the system would be a state of the art smartphone … 1ghz plus processor …using a yet to be develloped kind of dataglasses as output. ideally this dataglasses would be plastic and transparent, so the user can decide how much percentage of real world sight gets mixed with how much percentage of data display… the two little displays would be kind of electronic ink next generation capable of showing color video material. might be a possible source for such tiny displays.
now i come to the third most important part of the system, the alternative input being generated trough a series of lightweight plastic textiles stripes, having rfid/bluetooth/infrared/gps/? signal senders within … this stripes are being worn around the fingers, ellbows, knees …one could also imagine a shirt and trousers having hundreds of senders integrated plus gloves … just recently, there is a mayor effort in these direction being accomplished by jeff rowberg with his keyglove waerable input device.

to go deeper into this third part of the system … the many signals per sending position updates sending stripes/textiles/clothes … the reason for this is to get a truly mobile motion capture without camera … what signifies a great freedom of movement … together with the semitransparent plasticy dataglasses as output … this system would allow someone to dance on a lawn and play a software piano with hands and legs moving freely … lie on the grass and watch 50 percent blue sky and 50 percent an selfcreated video what one edits with left right up down circular swiping pinching etc. movements in the air …. a modern day poet could stand near a tree and rest the hands on its bark and when inspiration strikes… write the poem directly on its bark … or one could sit in a rowing boat on a lake and paint the water scenery either on the boats wooden seating or in the air … limitless possibilites …. but most of all… and that is what motivates me the most to write to many persons about this idea … the children will not be crippling themselves with hours of game console controller holding and neck bent, spine deforming unhealty sitting positions … but they could go outside and play in upright sitting and standing moving situations …. also they are our future programmers and game designers, roboter engineers and will be witnessing the birth of the first sentient artificial beings on this planet … how can humanity inspire a liberated and evolved mindset being born artificially
( ai robot/android ) if our blood and bones bodies are being kept in unhealty positions holding smartphones, being constantly on keyboards and game controllers….

i did write about the idea at

and with a slightly related connection:

may all bodies of land and water be declared free again

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may all bodies of land and water be declared free again
by Andreas Buechel on Saturday, October 29, 2011 at 11:52pm

may we the people release all bodies of land and water now and in future, here on this planet and in other

cosmic spaces … from any bindings and posessive occupation

may we human beings aknowledge the land and the water as beings in their own right

may great harmony and good will guide all fellow beings everywhere to enjoy each other in souvereign equality


Living History: Whose land is it anyway?

found this article on my google search with the phrase “whose land is it anyway ?” what sprang into my mind

when i was thinking … what i explain in a comment i posted at the above url website :

i was reading into the reports of the cold fusion demonstration of andrea rossi on 28th october… when i discovered the upcoming thrive movie to be streamed at 11.11.11 … what brought me to an infografic titled following the money … what inspired me to combine the “abolishing all armed forces everywhere idea” with the gradual shifting of goods/services exchange towards “we trust in the people” backed theme or regional or local “currencies” , what could result in a nonviolent and gentle stepping out of the pyramid … when i thought of …. that there would be still the problem of the idea that quite a number of people really do believe that there is such a thing as “posessing land”…. i know i am not too simple a speaker … so, i just got the inspiration to search for the term “whose land is it anyway” … it would open up an interesting sidearm of research to reflect on how i could possibly got that phrase into my mind or how did my mind think it up … but finally … i would like to guide the readers attention …. the ones who have not yet given up on me … to a part of a novel i wrote end of 2007 ….

a new avenue of possibility fictional thesis probability …i see right now …

people and corporations together vote directly or trough parlamentary representants in all or allmost all nations on this planet anytime in the near future … i hope … for the dissollution of the nation state they are currently living in … this dissolution brings with it the release of all land and all waters from any kind of possible ownership trough any human, animal or other wise embodied being …. consequently followed by a new paradigm where all beings living at this moment in an area would commit themselves to finding nonviolent and harmonious sollutions how to share space and ressources according to individual needs …

but with in air and space flying lifeships and abundant energy … the whole scarcity perception of land and ressources availability might dissapear…

the release and introduction of antigravity/overunity/zeropoint technologies into the free market and from then on the very inexpensive generation of electricity, together with the advent of consumerfriendly aeroponic systems and microalgae bioreactors and 3d printers, were helping a massive lot into getting people to trust the abundance scheme. 2010 then the council of regions for abundance got so many members, that nearly 4 fifths of the land area on planet earth got elected away from nation states and the regional councils could then set up the decentral structures, guaranteeing every human being never more to be in situation of food or shelter shortage.

as the lifeships were given free to a person and or the fully equipped landhouse or an 60 squaremeter appartement in a city skyscraper and certain rules were agreed on how the ones willing to live near earth with low tech would take care of being in a sustainable relationship with the environment … a massive potential was unlocked.

Andreas Buechel
zum weiteren studieren sollte ich herausfinden was die woerter nutzrecht und baurecht im englischen bedeuten bzw. welche konzepte es gibt, wie der boden genutzt werden kann ohne von jemandem als besitz erklaert zu werden…. … mag mir vielleicht auch weiterhelfen
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combining “abolishing all armed forces everywhere” with “we trust in the people” backed theme currencies

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inspired by the infografic at

i got the idea of combining “abolishing all armed forces everywhere” with “we trust in the people” backed theme currencies … here is what i wrote on

1 )

i believe that shifting slowly one s exchanges of goods and services to regional people backed currencies or local exchange trade systems is a gentle way …. there could be all kind of theme currencies, like sporting activities themed, profession themed ones, handicraft themed ones …. and the themed ones would not even have to be local or regional … if i collect …wild berries in the woods, dry them on my balcony and give them away to somebody anywhere in the world for let me say three dryberries ( one dryberry, two dryberries, three dryberries … ) . so i give them away for a piece of paper, it may be even hand written, written by another person … and on it is written … three dryberries … with this paper then i go to a bycicle enthusiast and ask him if he could help me fix my bike, i could give this three dryberries for it … he thinks about it, checks the website of the dryberry network… reads there that they have an intelligent mechanism what allows every producer of dried berries to issue this much of dryberry papers … and thinks yes, that sounds good, i will start networking with my fellow bicycle enthusiasts and we might create a network with bicyclos as currency and get together with the dryberry network to start figuring out exchange rates …. all this can happen within a few hundred meters in big cities, in neigbourhoods … or from one continent to an other

2 )

abolish armies everywhere

this is a work in progress, foremost to collect material

it is not much yet and just a very rough and poorly edited wild heap of stuff … but the idea is simple … a concerted orchestrated effort to simultaneously, peacefully, democraticly abolish all national armies everywhere and as a next subsequential step dissolve all armed policeforces too and replace them with local networks of citizens who feel responsible for their neighbourhood by training themselves to solve conflicts in nonviolent, consensus oriented harmonious ways

combining the abolish all armed forces everywhere idea with the gradual shifting of goods/services exchange towards “we trust in the people” backed theme or regional or local “currencies” ….. stepping out of the pyramid ?


i am more and more seeing the problem with working seriously on facebook as there are no permalinks … i can not link the upper text to the place on thrive s wall …

getting solutions tested in simulations

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this morning i read the article of Michael Moore: “Life Among the 1%” trough call to change facebook site!/pages/Call-to-Change/159881987362799 where i do post quite a bit lately … then i went over to to see his involvement in the actual occupy activities … was reading in his openmike section an article of an army veteran and followed it trough to the comments … then reaching the preparations for the winter regarding occupy comment … when i got this idea i sent to michael moore via submit form!/notes/andreas-buechel/getting-sollutions-tested-in-simulations/290444664313496

by Andreas Buechel on Saturday, October 29, 2011 at 9:46am

getting solutions tested in simulations

the idea would be to create an online plattform, where ideas can be tested out in simulations … like the investment organisations use computer algorithm, the ones who want to improve the investment sector so that the money can flow finally in directions to support the whole community …. the ones who have ideas how the system could be corrected … could test out there idea in a most realistic simulation.

there could be several variations of it … one for example just plain statistics … i give in the new rule to be applied … for example the tobin tax to be applied within the USA with 0.5% ( ). the excel kind of form then takes data from databases covering all kind of informations about financial transactions from the past and applies the new rule to it.

another variation could be to create a graphical environment, what is still functional

( meaning not overly graphical so dial up internet users too can participate ) … something like the old games with pixelated graphics … and do a more gaming style version something like simcity but really free and rules can be applied in most free modes

there are some alternatives to simcity


and simulation games written open source like

i have not thought it out fully … but thinking about the winter and naturally people being indoors more, why not use the motivation of the occupy movement to deepen a bit ones theoretical firmness with running simulations of the dry or and funny sort … there might eventually be the possibility that the brokers too might have a look at the simulations to get an impression of what would change if the reforms would be applied … or even they would also participate at the plattforms and would run some compromise suggestion rules or their own custom set ( thought out in private perhaps ) of regulations what they are curious how it would feel if these new rules were being employed

i wrote some similar idea about a game style environment for ecologic and social fair goals

and on a slightly different avenue … the one with utopian dreams and more the airy fairy way … but still on topic with wanting to dream up a better financial structure, a more sustainable economic frame i wrote something about this utopian storytelling avenue at

thank you

andreas buechel

idea of a colour and form toy

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idea of a colour and form toy

the main purpose is to replace the handheld computer with a nondigital
creativity booster selfeducational toy set
also thought of as a cigarette alternative and a diet aid
like whenever i feel the urge to have a cig or eat sweets ( because i am bored, need to wait, having a stressy situation, am revolving too mutch around the same fruitless thought circles /problems )
in all this situations i take out my

little wonderland toolbox

or the

customizable palm universe

small mighty toolbox

a toy as big as a cigarette box, with single pieces out of it one can build triangles circles hexadron cubes octogons
materials are little prism shaped glas or plexiglas sticks 3 millimeterthick and long plus either all or some of it magnetized
perhaps at the end a thin layer of manetized metall to let them stick to the little magnet balls that come with it as same as the quadrats and triangle metsll pieces
think of a rainbow generating magnetic jewellery set

something like the qi gong balls needs to come in, one can play with the spontaneously created balls and cubes
a meditative or calming or mind stimulating game in ones palm
juggling possible
mini boccia boules
hand palm billiard ?

also thinkable are very small plastik balls inflatable with a telescope roehrli
deflated takes little space, inflated it can serve as a construction aid for the
magnets and the prisms and other little  ( wood ) items

little tubes with coloured sand
filled to several degrees also magnetically connectable with the prisms and the full metal magnets

little tubes/balls/cubes with coloured water partly filled
sizes 5 to 9 mm
also some items filled with an oil/ water mix
other items with several coloured very small pieces floating in the oil/water mix

possible also a customization option like with a  little injection needle one can fill empty little prisms(?) with oil and or water and the tiny coloured sand/plasticks

add to all that the possibility of constructing lego like with this liquidfilled items glas prisms partly magneticly behaving in-and deflatable
flexible items
little houses spaceships playfigures like fairies elves angels animals
perhaps with little textiles for the fairies and elves ?
what opens a whole lot of new ideas like thin layers of magnetizable nanomeshed metal/textile so the outfit of the fairies can be changed without glueing or druckknopf
altough with that too being a viable option i mean the druckknopf system
for attaching hats and wings to the figures

add to that the idea of a hand reflexzone stimulating thing like the one plastik bowl with spikes one can roll with both hands
with the option of a metal fingerring
inside what is flexible so it can be rolled up and down to stimulate each finger for a few seconds

add to that the idea of a motion generating electricity to power an led bulb or a little tiny miny fan
with a little dynamo ? and some string pulling mechanism ?
or like the mechanism where a weight gets shaked up and down in a tube to generate the electricity, just much more miniaturized

and from here on we open up the field of mini biologic botanic production

like with a 1 cm microalgae bioreactor tube with a 2 mm semipermeable opening not letting fluid out or in but allowing co2 intake and o2 output
the toy built with these microalgae minibioreactor tubes the toy gets either moved by magnetic motion like pendulum style or being laid into a 2 cm lightpermeatable transparent waterbowl connected with a miniature pump pumping water up to let it fall in a tiny waterfall style or drop style down into the waterbowl what brings the much needed motion for the floating mini microalgae bioreactor tube

when the algae have grown up, some of it get harvested into a bigger container like 5 cm where it can be separated from water and processed into a kind of rawmaterial to be used for the textiles and plastics

think of it, how about a miniature
mixer where i can melange my old hair with the harvested microalgae or some dry gras / hay leafs as a base for it to be further processed with a miniature spinnrad into garn
and then woven with a miniature webrahmen loom

or how about a cigarette packet big 3 dimensional printer allowing to build sheets of bioplastic what one can
schweissen together to build bigger structures
to 3d print all kind of forms up to a size of 3 cm
like to use some of the microalgae to be harvested for ripening in a biogas collector where it can be fuelling a mini flame torch thrower or an electric soldering iron can be used to hotmelt several plastic pieces together

the idea behind this all would be that it empowers the common layman to start producing instead of compensational consuming
also it triggers the imagination and educates oneself when having the tools literally at hand
instead of a desktop 3 d printer to have a 10 cm portable 3d printer
plus all the 10 to twenty other modular miniature tools fitting all into a case the size of a netbook or laptop

using the laptop sized case as a construction frame where for example i can set up an array of mobilee style
microalgae bioreactor tubes being moved either by a fan or by some mechanical touch push input

think of the mobile lab being laptop sized than the size of the 3d printer might be 15 cm big like filling half the lab space  


several news items fit very well to the idea. reading about this recent devellopments reminded me of the idea i am thinking of since many years
just a short while ago i found a little something of it with a rubber ball filled with a soapy liquid and particles shining pink and turquoise
another one had a smaller ball inside it plus the particles


Glowing Snap-Together Crystal LED Light is Lamp, Puzzle, Toy all in one
May 17, 2010 16:55
Author: Kristi Bernick

Here at Inhabitat we’re huge fans of double duty designs that let you get more bang for your buck, and the latest example of an awesome multifunctional object that has us buzzing is this spectacular “Crystal Light” LED lamp by Taiwan-based QisDESIGN, which does triple duty as a toy, puzzle and objet-d’art! We spotted this radiant puzzle/lamp/toy at this year’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair in NYC, and it immediately drew us in, like moths to a flame, with its mesmerizing glow and playful design. Upon further inspection (i.e. playing with it for hours) we were amazed by the clever modular design that can be snapped together to form different and unique shapes using magnets!




Engineered Metamaterials Could Recreate the Birth of Extra-Dimensional Universes in the Lab
May 11, 2010 6:23
Using metamaterials, physicist Igor Smolyaninov at the University of Maryland in College Park thinks we can create analogies for some of the most interesting cosmological occurences like multiverses and even the birth of universes. In the same way gravity bends light, metamaterials can bend electrical and magnetic fields to create a metamaterial version of relativity. We can, he says, create metamaterials with electromagnetic spaces that possess compactified dimensions. We could create metamaterials in which the number of dimensions and compactified dimensions changes from region to region, with wormholes transiting from space to space. We might even be able to witness the birth of photons in these metamaterials, the transition of which would in some ways represent the spawning of a new universe within the metamaterial itself. We could even create a metamaterial multiverse in which different universes have different properties, or wherein different physical laws apply, and witness our own tiny Big Bang by engineering an optical “photon blockade” device in which topological transitions within the metamaterial resemble the birth of a universe. (Source:

abolishing armies everywhere simultaneously

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it started with me posting a news item of a spherical flying surveillance thing to my facebook page … it was develloped by the japanese defense ministry … so i added a comment that i do not support defense ministries anywhere …and then got the idea to actually go find something on abolishing armies everywhere … have not got much so far … but here is the content of

this is a work in progress, foremost to collect material
Imagine There’s No Army > Graeme Green | Journalist – Travel writer – Photographer > Graeme Green |
Graeme Green considers whether other countries around the world might benefit from following the example of Costa Rica and Panama

i am googling with “abolish army” to find a good arguments how all armies worldwide could be abolished simultaneously … and the huge amount of finances used for weapons could be invested in community support and economic infrastructure buildup … and also … to build up a novel kind of worldwide network of trust …
Andreas Buechel Dr Valles also believes the idea has the potential to spread, not least in Latin America. ‘There is a dream: a world with neither armies nor weapons,’ he says.
Imagine there’s no Army http://www.diplomatmagazine.comIt sounds like something off John Lennon’s wishlist on Imagine, but there are cu…
i do not agree on the shifting of power from armies to police forces … i believe that the greatest success might bring an orchestrated total abolishing of weapons while building up neighbourhood networks where the local people exercise themeselves in resolving possible conflict situations nonviolent!/group.php?gid=60849831468

Common Interest – Politics
Well… if u think that peace might be a dream, but you feel sure that war is a nightmare….then…….
If you already in the ARMY u can ALWAYS RUN AWAY::::::::
Privacy Type:
Open: All content is public.
l having found this amesty game … i think of how could it be to create a simulation game for the “abolish armies everywhere” situation …

coupling one s biometrics with one s handwritten digital font

October 28, 2011 - One Response

in a discussion with a person who does not use handy or computers at all… i picked up a very valid argument why writing letters from hand is significantly advanced to writing with machine given letters …

the state of being of a person can be read also or perceived trough the schriftbild, the image of writing of the persons handwriting … depending on the persons emotional state the handwriting changes … so the receiver of the message has more information while not only reading the content of the message, but also the form it is written in

so … using this for writing emails what allow to share more … would mean to

first record ones handwriting in a balanced moment

another record of ones handwriting in an emotional state of stress, one of relaxation, one of nervousity, one of being anxious, one of being confident … and on and on

all this recording would be coupled with measuring the heart beat of the person in these states … and then later, when one is using the database to write an email,

the actual measuring of the heartbeat or other body signals would allow to choose which recorded handwriting shall be applied for this or that moment