no first, no last, no top, no down … just the circle, open and inviting, without and end and without a beginning … flowing to grow into ever greater harmony

no first, no last, no top, no down … just the circle, open and inviting, without and end and without a beginning … flowing to grow into ever greater harmony


i got blessed by being taken by one of my selfs to a roleplay walk …



i started to edit this text what wrote today … live … online at the kleemi portal … like … it started with the tobin tax .. i saw it today while sitting on the dentist s chair… tobin tax in the news … and i felt like .. this is it … the world turning for the good … now … it … starts … acellerating

so after the dentist, i went to public wifi place and posted the wikipedia article on tobin tax to kleemi conversations with an oppinion phrase about orchestrated global introduction of tobin tax …. coming home from a visit to the art museum … i wanted to play wetopia somehow … but instead started to add to the tobin tax conversation i was having with myself … and who knows is … was … will be reading it trough time and space …

so here is the text i copied from kleemi … again …. i wrote it live … one comment after the other …. just looking up …. the correct term for auctioning off stocks in online translation website … but all the other content…. original, from the moment, in the flow, being inspired

////////////////// oh that it is finally coming seems to be sure sign of more sustainability being introduced in global finance hope it can be implemented in most places everywhere in orchestrated ways “A global Robin Hood Tax at 0.25% would generate a daily tax volume of ten billion US dollar that could be considered as a risk premium to insure the world against systemic risks!”

i am certainly not a right wing admirer of monsieur sarkozy, but his engagement for the tobin tax … i say thanks for that

from the above linked reuters news article: “Evidently France should do it along with others. But, my dear compatriots, if France waits for the others to decide to tax finance, finance will never be taxed,” Sarkozy said (…)

from here on then i dream further … one day a person wakes up and decides to say at a spontaneous press conference: obviously, the world will be a safe place without atomic bombs. if we wait for others, it could be a long wait.

that is why i have decided to advocate and engage myself from now on for a total disarment. i will work for the total abolishment of all armed forces in this country and engage myself in building a civil society security what will build a safety net.

it is like roleplay … i do not want to play with real people, what they could achieve or what they could make happen … but instead i try to imagine future scenarios, extrapolating possibilities from present or past real situations

so then, how would it feel like to wake up with all that buzz and excitement of the changing times …. and knowing that strong dedications will bring confidence into first the region and from there on then into the global network

one could see the connections … if i make a strong commitment and pledge to put my actions for it to make it happen … it will help others to also commit to changes … and with or without a planned or orchestrated agenda … changes will be made

dynamics of change … how can orchestration happen without a dictator dirigent … how can concerted efforts synchronize without central planning, how can we trust in the intelligence of decentrally executed actions

role play … the press conference was the thing, much surprise, more questions … but how do you think that could work … will other regions/countries follow total abolishing of all armed forces

i was not so firm on all the answers as i did not have thought about it all in the detail before this morning when it was all so clear in my head what i needed to do … needed to do because it just was the good thing to do …

but by being questioned this way… in the moment, there the firmness grew from minute to minute … and by the end of the press conference, what took now 3 hours … there was enough material coming together to be printed in a 20 pages document …

and guess what, that is what happened … all the newspapers attending the press conference … printed little special editions with the transcript of the press conference … the tv stations sold dvds of it … and … the amazing thing …

all newspapers … all tv stations … all radio stations … funneled all of the profits from this special edition transcripts, video dvd, audio cd s…. into a new founded association what invested this money then to start the civilan safety net

structure building …. this association donated money to neighbourhood assemblies where people learned with each other how all kind of challenging situations involving conflict, violence, confrontations … could be found nonviolent and satisfying

sollutions for…

politicians then … moved by the swift actions of the private media corporations and the citizens in many places … went to the armed forces and asked them to join the neighbourhood assemblies … and they came

the soldiers and police officers came to the assemblies … in their free time … without uniform … and while first only watching with sceptism some of them … soon most of the men being trained to apply violence … were moved to

their inner core by experiencing how women and men took hours and hours of dedicated …. being here with the situation … investing their feelings, sharing their own traumatic bagage … to make room where the one person being the traditional

wrongdoer was no more singled out and rejected, excluded, punished and banished … but on the most contrary… this person was being held, being understood, being given credit for what circumstances one is and was in …

and this healing sessions … that is to what this neighbourhood assemblies grew … first weekly, then everyday, more people came and wanted to see the miracle, be part of it, the change, made here with us in the neigbourhood

and one after the other police men and soldier … being transformed in its views trough these meetings … wrote letters of resignment. and the politicians what motivated them to see the neighbourhood assemblies … in the first place …

they rallied for them to find work in the private sector, with companies who s employes too were neighbours somewhere and were visiting the assemblies … and after a while …

it did not even need the politicians to do the promotion of ex policmen and ex soldiers any more because the neighbourhood assemblies movement grew strong and fast and many a nonviolent private security firm started up these days

but what did i then do… the politician having so much years of a political career and being respected by both members of my own party and by members of other parties … i spurred myself to action the same day after this press conference

this very same day i auctioned off my stocks i got presented with during the twenty something years as an also lobbying politician … i did not look back these day to where they came from, did not want to loose steam in guilt or selfjudgment

i just new, that if i sell them off and put all the money from them into my announced goal to help establishing a citizen nonviolent safety net and a network of trust for citizen, corporations and politicians … both here in the region and

globally … all the wrong or greyzone stuff what happened in the past would be transformed now with this …

so i founded an other association what had especially the politicians and corporations in my mind … as a kind of counterweight to the neighbourhood assemblies movement …

and in the politician and corporations nonviolent network then we basicly did the same as the neighbours were doing locally at the assemblies … we politicians and leaders of corporations gathered to share our hearts… giving many many hours of

time we previously invested in our luxury recreational hobbies … and i tell you what … these hours where we first shouted at each other but then slowly slowly came to a more gentle pace and learned to see each other as sentient beings

these hours i will not forget anytime soon … they were filled with marvelous transformations and many a salty drop went down our cheeks. it did not matter if we gathered as politicians from local parties and leaders of local corporations …

or if the gatherings were kind of being attended by politicians and ceo s from all over the globe … long carreered politician or fresh canditates … megacorp leader or one man company enterpreneur… the dynamics of heartsharing, wanting to attend

the space where our very personal pains were stored and where so very much of our potential was sitting, waiting for it being unlocked …

after a month or so, the politician and corporations gatherings were coming to the understanding that them too were neighbours and so we also went to the neighbourhood healing assemblies, additionaly to the political and corporation gatherings …

like this … after three months … about 40 percent of the whole population were participating in this … let us understand ourselves in sharing community … movement and it was not long after that when more and more ideasandplans were comingup

how the abolishing of all armed forces then could be fullfilled …

many a region all over the globe saw politicians from left to right, from center to extrem political ideologies … ( yet there were not so much extremes left because of the understanding movements transforming effects )

proposing new laws and law changes what were … in different formulations … in a kind of unconcerted but looking at it carefully … having all the nonviolent understanding theme in them

propositions what asked for new laws establishing certain percentage of income from tax to be spent on the neighbourhood nonviolent understanding assemblies as a safety net for the whole society. connected to this expenses would be the

propositions to reduce the budgets for police and army expenses. and one after the other or somehow all together… i can not tell it really now looking back at it … within an other three months

this propositions to funnel finances away from weapons and into nonviolent understanding networks… were being supported by many a politician, being made into laws and within short time the orders for new arms were sinking to nearly null

these countries, where the people could vote for the laws being changed and the armed forces being abolished all together … saw enormous participation rates and the votes reached 60 plus percent of acceptance . as a consequence of this happenings,

most all of the formerly weapon, armour etc. … producing corporations now applied their very sophistacated high tech to faciliate the working experience of many a physicly active person in all fields of work, play and learning.

mainly robotic assistance and miniaturized local production methods they were switching to. exoskeletons for everyone with a high quality 3d printer for every home … this donations to all citizen everywhere was their tribute

to the massive changing of the global power balance

and you know what … me, the 47 year old politician who woke up one day … calling for this press conference … my name did not went into the annals as the all starting it founder… no gloryfication of single persons … no herofication no more

we all … as neighbours, politicians, corporate employes, enterpreneurs … learnt it very quickly in the…. heart sharing and wanting to understand …gatherings … the new world … is no place for orderlies … and … we are all in it

no first, no last, no top, no down … just the circle, open and inviting, without and end and without a beginning … flowing to grow into ever greater harmony



i find this picture very much corresponding to the understanding movement scenario


edited text is also posted as open pad at with the cosketch room opened for it at


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