my wish of a virtual reality interactive game creation and playing dome with energy harvesting features and also communication/exchange evolution goals

i just happened to find today the blog of

dr. pachauri

where he asks for reaction onto his idea of

Forum for Revival of Ethics & Ecosystems for and by Youth (FREE Youth)

blog entry from january 12th
with the first line of the article
“The major financial scandal that one of the largest IT companies in India, ”

i used this opportunity to write about my wish of a virtual reality interactive game creation and playing dome with energy harvesting features and also communication/exchange evolution goals

the text of this comment is as follows:

mmmh… i am born 34 years before, so not exactly youth

your idea of a

Forum for Revival of Ethics & Ecosystems for and by Youth (FREE Youth)

i think is very much interesting

perhaps trough an iphone application where visitors of the forum can exchange in twitterstyle on the go their thoughts on perhaps widespread news in finance and politics ( for example should a governement bind financial support for automakers to ecological technical implementations ? )

or a 3d experience in virtual worlds like secondlife where some ecologicly oriented software programmers write code for a gamelike experience, allowing the visitor to play trough the scenarios one is wishing, allowing to simulate the aplication of not yet widely recognised ecologic low and high tech

one of my frequent sources for green tech news is

also the directory at peswiki is an inspiring listing of clean energy technologies

personally, i very much like the idea of generating energy trough body movement like described in

i am having a personal wish to one day spend very good healthy and freeing times in a kind of virtual reality holodeck where i can paint sing jump climb swing do all kind of body movements creating vibrations which are then harvested by several kind of devices and translated into electrical energy. this electricity generated trough my body movements then power the computers and projectors of the vr playfield. the games and stories i hope to experience in this vr-room will be highly customizable what means i will be given by the software the ability to freely design the games and plays, even draw the components and building blocks.

actually, this is technically possible, seeing this products

“Once you attach it to your hips or your bag while on the move, the up and down movement of your body provides the required kinetic energy to the device.”

“…knows this and returns with another solution to keep your Glastonbury-bound portable electronics charged. Revelers will get the chance to try this prototype Dance Charge kinetic charger. Right, kinetic as in movement.”

“The technology offers the possibility for mobile electronic devices to be effectively charged through normal everyday motion.”

“A team of Brigham Young University student engineers this week unveiled a merry-go-round capable of turning children’s play into electricity.”

“the 60sq m “energy-generating” dance floor, is based on an electro-magnetic generator and cost €200,000 to develop. In simple terms, the more people dance, the more power is generated, illuminating light-emitting diodes in the floor tiles.”

“Micoy has created a 3D technology that lets you walk around and interact in a 3D virtual environment.”

““The real message is we don’t know all that’s going to come out of this, but we know it’s going to be important.”

“Art integrates the senses,” he said. “Science takes the senses apart and analyzes. The idea of Empac is to bridge the gap between the digital world of data and the physical world of our senses, which is where we make sense of things and decide what things mean.”

# Build Your Own Net Dream (BYOND) – A multi-player world building utility; allows you to create, host, and connect to text or graphical games, even web apps. Excellent for RPGs. Non-programmers can create worlds in minutes, while seasoned coders may take advantage of the powerful OO language behind the system.
# The Cycon Online Gaming (COG) Engine – An Open Source project aimed at simplifying the creation of online video games. Currently, games have a text-based interface, with photo-realistic graphics and a clickable compass for movement. ”

and combining them all together

also i would like to point to

“Putting heads (and computers) together to solve global problems”

regarding both your forum idea and my wish of using my body vitality in creative mind soul and body exercising virtual reality gamerooms

could it be thinkable to exchange in a body moving dancing jumping game way to create simultaneously mental emotional and physical energy

thisway transcending the seriousness of talking and listening sitting on chairs ?

perhaps whole new ideas might come into a mind of such freely creative exercising individuals, video streams of this gaming sessions, filmed at many such vr-rooms all over the planet, for example the live streamed experience of one user being displayed on a screen inside an other user’s game dome, this multi-player game then again recorded and streamed

even interactive, internet users sitting ( or meanwhile standing dancing jumping ) in front of their 2dimensional lcd computers everywhere can participate and communicate with text and pictures, video with the gamer domes

puuhh… it gets a little chaotic here, this explanation, but i am sure the basic idea comes tru:

ethic and ecology and a save social future where everyone gets good food and a good place to sleep and all this by hurting the fellow plant and animal sisterbrothers the least posssible, taking care for our mother earth

the way to reach this future should be fun, wishfully will be an interactive game where the movements of our minds our souls and bodies will feed an evolution of mankind

an evolution releasing humanity of all kind of fears, fears of being not whealty enough, fears of not being accepted, fears of not getting loved enough

is it possible to support the growing of an ethical ecologic behaviour with an all encompassing combination of fun, green tech, virtual reality, creative open social networks with no taboos ?

how much and how many ways and techniques need and want to be integrated so the vehicle might be flexible and customizable enough to allow everybody to participate ?

i am feeling thankfull for this possibility to try collaging some thoughts


4 Responses

  1. your articles are interesting and so useful for me. Thank you for sharing great information

  2. thanks to a friend of mine finding yesterday a german video about the future of gaming and interactivity, i am able to add two very interesting products to the raw list of components, they could greatly enhance the above described idea

    “a brain-wave-reading headset that lets you conjure entire worlds using nothing but your mind”

    “New Game Controller: Your Hands”

  3. i just found this post at

    and posted the following comment

    andreas buechel (Who am I?) | few seconds ago

    3 days ago i posted a comment over at the blog of Dr R K Pachauri where i proposed

    ”creative mind soul and body exercising virtual reality gamerooms

    could it be thinkable to exchange in a body moving dancing jumping game way to create simultaneously mental emotional and physical energy ”

    i too posted the text at my blog at

    and i am quite sure that there could be some phone company or cable net provider or any other big company finding some ecologic sustainable future value in installing a network of domes where people can create games interactive while communicating playing playing it and with all the singing dancing jumping climbing one does in the dome the electricity for powering the computers projectors and communication lines are getting generated trough kinetic energy harvesting devices inbuilt the dome

  4. a global network of virtual reality game art creation playing and communication domes

    using advanced holographic recording and projection technics like the ones developped by micoy and also using technologies like brain wave translating devices from emotiv systems and depht recognising cameras
    like the ones from 3dv systems engaging interactive game and virtual environment creation software so
    that a player can artisticly draw the game environment and can compose from several objects stored online by previous players creators

    the floor of the dome is made like the energy harvesting dancefloor from enviu in rotterdam

    all over the ceiling of the dome energy harvesting sticklike devices are built in
    ( m2epower / npower peg )
    and in a similar ways ropes to pull are installed with potenco
    technology long ropes for tarzan like swings or a swing chair like on child
    playgrounds can be applied or even some additional trampolin can be
    built in to allow for a maximum of free movement

    how about shoes with inbuilt springs and the player wearing a suit
    connected to the ceiling with flexible ropes
    the player itself controlling when the ropes get zipped so to hold
    oneself in the air for flying style gaming
    snowboard skateboard watersurfing boards thisway hanged up and
    cotrolled by mindwave reading devices hand body gestures or physical
    sensors inbuilt the suit

    the player itself can wear devices like the dance charger from orange
    for additonal kinetic energy harvesting

    trough cable network lines and telephone communication lines the
    single domes are globally networked

    multinational phone and cable companies as sponsors and hardware
    providers could benefit also by the creations of the players as same
    as selling the recordings to television companies
    someone not wanting his plays and communications being recorded would
    have to rent the dome on a small fee pay basis

    scientists could create visual data manipulation/selection/composing
    environments using any input data from their laptops sd cards internet
    servers etc.

    photographers and filmmakers could link trough the domes and create
    photocollages slideshows and animation films trough adhoc compositions
    applying brainstorm technics

    painters and dancers could create together with musicians and acters
    3dimensional audioenhanced performances in a jam and improvisational
    theatre modus
    directly stream it into the web or to television channels
    allowing the publicum to send in text or video or audio responses
    questions suggestions

    looking at the financial side of things
    as from what i read in articles about the sales of game consoles
    there seems to exist an enduring demand for virtual reality
    entertainment also in times of a shrinking and challenged economy

    perhaps such a concept combining
    a) worldwide cooperation/collaboration over telenetworks
    b)multisensual audio video text input and output being steered by full
    body movements
    c)joyfull gamestyle exercising aka exergaming
    d)kinetic energy harvesting
    c) instant creation of game rules/3d environment without requesting to
    know programming languages

    all this in combination might allow

    a)many more people working from home and or mobile an enheightend
    feeling of being in touch with coworkers/partners/customers

    b) the television and entertainment industry to tap into a new pool of
    interactive creativity

    c) scientific and all kind of alternative research areas to invite the
    broad public to participate in entertaining and data generating study
    also invite for screening and reviewing the gathered data in an
    playfull modus

    d) the devellopers of commercial products to (beta)test their ideas in
    early stages of conceptualisation
    like allready today computer manufacterers are offering contests for
    designing a “dream-computer” many products could be thisway designed
    nearer to the needs and desires of consumers
    consumers thisway being integrated into product devellopment might
    help reduce the overall cost of the final device

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