getting solutions tested in simulations

this morning i read the article of Michael Moore: “Life Among the 1%” trough call to change facebook site!/pages/Call-to-Change/159881987362799 where i do post quite a bit lately … then i went over to to see his involvement in the actual occupy activities … was reading in his openmike section an article of an army veteran and followed it trough to the comments … then reaching the preparations for the winter regarding occupy comment … when i got this idea i sent to michael moore via submit form!/notes/andreas-buechel/getting-sollutions-tested-in-simulations/290444664313496

by Andreas Buechel on Saturday, October 29, 2011 at 9:46am

getting solutions tested in simulations

the idea would be to create an online plattform, where ideas can be tested out in simulations … like the investment organisations use computer algorithm, the ones who want to improve the investment sector so that the money can flow finally in directions to support the whole community …. the ones who have ideas how the system could be corrected … could test out there idea in a most realistic simulation.

there could be several variations of it … one for example just plain statistics … i give in the new rule to be applied … for example the tobin tax to be applied within the USA with 0.5% ( ). the excel kind of form then takes data from databases covering all kind of informations about financial transactions from the past and applies the new rule to it.

another variation could be to create a graphical environment, what is still functional

( meaning not overly graphical so dial up internet users too can participate ) … something like the old games with pixelated graphics … and do a more gaming style version something like simcity but really free and rules can be applied in most free modes

there are some alternatives to simcity


and simulation games written open source like

i have not thought it out fully … but thinking about the winter and naturally people being indoors more, why not use the motivation of the occupy movement to deepen a bit ones theoretical firmness with running simulations of the dry or and funny sort … there might eventually be the possibility that the brokers too might have a look at the simulations to get an impression of what would change if the reforms would be applied … or even they would also participate at the plattforms and would run some compromise suggestion rules or their own custom set ( thought out in private perhaps ) of regulations what they are curious how it would feel if these new rules were being employed

i wrote some similar idea about a game style environment for ecologic and social fair goals

and on a slightly different avenue … the one with utopian dreams and more the airy fairy way … but still on topic with wanting to dream up a better financial structure, a more sustainable economic frame i wrote something about this utopian storytelling avenue at

thank you

andreas buechel


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