may all bodies of land and water be declared free again!/note.php?note_id=290744254283537

may all bodies of land and water be declared free again
by Andreas Buechel on Saturday, October 29, 2011 at 11:52pm

may we the people release all bodies of land and water now and in future, here on this planet and in other

cosmic spaces … from any bindings and posessive occupation

may we human beings aknowledge the land and the water as beings in their own right

may great harmony and good will guide all fellow beings everywhere to enjoy each other in souvereign equality


Living History: Whose land is it anyway?

found this article on my google search with the phrase “whose land is it anyway ?” what sprang into my mind

when i was thinking … what i explain in a comment i posted at the above url website :

i was reading into the reports of the cold fusion demonstration of andrea rossi on 28th october… when i discovered the upcoming thrive movie to be streamed at 11.11.11 … what brought me to an infografic titled following the money … what inspired me to combine the “abolishing all armed forces everywhere idea” with the gradual shifting of goods/services exchange towards “we trust in the people” backed theme or regional or local “currencies” , what could result in a nonviolent and gentle stepping out of the pyramid … when i thought of …. that there would be still the problem of the idea that quite a number of people really do believe that there is such a thing as “posessing land”…. i know i am not too simple a speaker … so, i just got the inspiration to search for the term “whose land is it anyway” … it would open up an interesting sidearm of research to reflect on how i could possibly got that phrase into my mind or how did my mind think it up … but finally … i would like to guide the readers attention …. the ones who have not yet given up on me … to a part of a novel i wrote end of 2007 ….

a new avenue of possibility fictional thesis probability …i see right now …

people and corporations together vote directly or trough parlamentary representants in all or allmost all nations on this planet anytime in the near future … i hope … for the dissollution of the nation state they are currently living in … this dissolution brings with it the release of all land and all waters from any kind of possible ownership trough any human, animal or other wise embodied being …. consequently followed by a new paradigm where all beings living at this moment in an area would commit themselves to finding nonviolent and harmonious sollutions how to share space and ressources according to individual needs …

but with in air and space flying lifeships and abundant energy … the whole scarcity perception of land and ressources availability might dissapear…

the release and introduction of antigravity/overunity/zeropoint technologies into the free market and from then on the very inexpensive generation of electricity, together with the advent of consumerfriendly aeroponic systems and microalgae bioreactors and 3d printers, were helping a massive lot into getting people to trust the abundance scheme. 2010 then the council of regions for abundance got so many members, that nearly 4 fifths of the land area on planet earth got elected away from nation states and the regional councils could then set up the decentral structures, guaranteeing every human being never more to be in situation of food or shelter shortage.

as the lifeships were given free to a person and or the fully equipped landhouse or an 60 squaremeter appartement in a city skyscraper and certain rules were agreed on how the ones willing to live near earth with low tech would take care of being in a sustainable relationship with the environment … a massive potential was unlocked.

Andreas Buechel
zum weiteren studieren sollte ich herausfinden was die woerter nutzrecht und baurecht im englischen bedeuten bzw. welche konzepte es gibt, wie der boden genutzt werden kann ohne von jemandem als besitz erklaert zu werden…. … mag mir vielleicht auch weiterhelfen
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Andreas Buechel
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