filling one s own aura with an intense feeling / thought to spread the vibration into the cosmos

i wanted to open a new topic at

with the title

dreams, imaginations, utopias … colours and play spirit …

and the text:

i am thankfull for every person everywhere what has thoughts, words and feets to stand in for a better world in any peacefull way

lots of good ideas i was able to read here and other sites how the system can be improved, so the sufferings what were brought in the past and are being experienced in the present will find healing

i wonder if there are stories, dreams, utopist visions, emotional images in front of the inner eye … what could bring some colours and play spirit … like … mentally… dancing a group dance and keep it so simple so even the ones who have not danced for a long time feel being taken up and welcomed anytime to join the dance … relax a moment … and slowly … trough the joy, the experiencing of the warmth of harmonious vibrating art… change may arise and happen smooth somehow … mysterious

did not achieve to find the sign up page what would have enabled me to post on the forum … and while facing this signup hurdle … i entered one of my favourite idea clouds … it is not so much the deed, the expression, the showing, the external visible proof … what moves, what gives, what contributes … it is the intention, the moment of concentration, the instant of focus … wether one stands near a tree in the woods, lights a candle at home or sees the blinking cursor on a computer screen or stands in front of the investement bureaus …. it is that moment where one allows an emotion, a thought, a body movement to fill one s aura and from there on sending out unique waves of signals, communication radiations into the cosmos … therefore creating and designing, influencing the genetic pool of all living beings by this creation, this effort of sending out an impulse, a force what has power to change and alter


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