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the web of moments … the net of status updates … studying ones own brain in researching the relationships of my social network sharing items to each other

had many ideas about how single status updates could creativly be designed into relation to other updates, posts, conversations… creative sharing in between many alternative social networks

originally the ideas started flowing at

i then edited the micromessages into a bigger text and posted it at

for the diaspora devs to eventually take notice of

a mindmap style creativity sandbox allowing the user to relate info items in between several social networks
Edit Subject
empowering the users of alternative social networks with free choices of services and creative bookmarklet / forwarding / pushing ways resp. opening up a space for relationships between status updates, posts, conversations

empowering users of alternative social networks to enjoy being creative while sharing infromation with bringing single posts, status updates, conversations … on one or best many social network plattforms into relation with each other

some minutes ago i had this ideas of how a user could freely design the interface how to use what modules, applications, features of which social network … and it got followed by a … lauding myself … brilliant idea to give even more importance to the act of … or better said …. the art of sharing ……

as i see with unthink and diaspora alternative network, there is a lot of development being undertaken …. and i am really looking forward to the day when a user can start to freely compose ones social webinterface

for example … there could be a place where all the alternative networks ( respecting users rights, sensitive to automated data sharing ) are displaying their modules, features, applications the user then can start clicking these modules what could

be fun. next one could start to choose the look of the website one wants to spend time with social networking … like widgets … little boxes … customizable in width and height … where i can assign this or that module from this or that service

regarding the push button … or diaspora network has a bookmarklet what is very comfortable as it allows to push to 4 social networks with one go …. diaspora is open source … i would be happy for example to add klemi as the fifth

thinking about it … i just got a spontaneuous game idea … one finds this awesome article and wants to share to all of the networks one is on … but one also wants to bring this new article sharing into relation of what one has shared before

one clicks the bookmarklet what allows sharing to several services … and on this page there comes a graphical representation … mindmap tree like … with the articles recently shared on the networks one is signed in to … and here than one

can place the new info piece into the kleemi branch, right there near to this other info twig … followed by doing the same for the unthink, diaspora … branches …to indulge even further in the graphical creativity, one can choose the style

of this mindmaps tree … representations of news item being put into relation to each other … one could choose between a zen garden scene … the news items being the little stones … a needle tree or several bushes … and other collaborative online graphic tools might help the user to be creative while pushing news and interesting website articles towards the places friends and collegues might be able to spot them

beside giving the emancipated user a chance to relax a bit from exhausting reading while intuitivly playing with the items, rearranging them, changing colours, adjusting sizes and styles of branches, twigs, leaves, stones …. all this actions

being done subcounciously partly or lets say emotionally guided eventually… might allow a greater accuracy to represent one s own valuation of this and that article, how i intuitivly put this info peace near the other one i have shared 2 weeks ago

the relationship of colours and sizes … that all unlocks loads of informations about me and how my very own personal biological operation system handles information

the art of sharing

visualizing creativly the relationships between one s new posts, status updates, conversations, news forwardings … in one specific and possibly on many social networking plattforms


i wrote an email to with the following text in it:

the web of moments, launched by a cooperation of several alternative networks… as an an incentive for facebook / twitter / google plus users … to switch/join/ spend time at an alternative network


after having spent some time at

being all three … alternative social networks where the user is in control what happens with one s data …

i was thinking lately about how possible could there be an incentive for the billions of happy facebook, googleplus, twitter users … to try out an alternative network …

the privacy advantage and the control about ones own data is certainly an incentive

an other one could be the ideas i have described at

mainly the alternative networks joining forces, allowing users to freely choose modules and highly customize the experience will be a big incentive

secondly, also described in the above idea posted at getsatisfaction … the web of moments idea might offer a whole lot of new avenues when it comes to market integration …

this could be a pro active approach to advertisment … like … if i have all my posts and status updates on several networks being laid out before me in one page … graphicly organised, creativly being linked to each other …. i might perhaps for the first time recognize, how many times i was mentioning this or that brand… or company… or product … or service … not by being annoyed with unwanted ads …. but because i wanted to talk about it … like i have heard some good about it and wanted to share it …. or i just am kind of fanboy/fangirl to that product, brand, company … what is also something natural … and can happen with even the most humble revolutionaires ….

what i want to direct the attention here … because the user has been given full control over what posts shall be in relation to what other status updates or conversations etc. … this user then … having good fun arranging the items over and over again, working on the relationships between the information items … weaving the carpet of events counciously and self aware of being in control … this user than might feel happy to share this self built graphical representation of her/his own web of moments … with the brands, producers, companies … what are being mentioned by ones status updates, likes, conversations etc.

i will post the text of this letter to
as to allow a public exchange beyond networks borders and forum sign ups

with best wishes and many thanks for diaspora network building

mayloveheal andreas buechel

announced at at line 56 i posted an email i sent to what is being announced at as feedback email content of the email being … the web of moments as an incentive to spend time with alternative social networks .. also regarding a proactive, positive, user steered approach to letting brands, companies, producers being part of the social experience … like … if i like a product what does not annoy me with pushy adverts i might be even happy to help them knowing how many times i recommended their products in the last four months … so i might even invite them to come and see my … web of moment … tree/zengarden/…. mindmap …and they are welcome to use the the insight they might be able to get from looking at my graphical representation of relationships in between my net activities … to use the insight for their product research of course this feature of showing parts or all of the … web of moments … as being only applied when the user expressivly wishes to do that … as to activly support a brand, product, company because one really truly wants to


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