coupling one s biometrics with one s handwritten digital font

in a discussion with a person who does not use handy or computers at all… i picked up a very valid argument why writing letters from hand is significantly advanced to writing with machine given letters …

the state of being of a person can be read also or perceived trough the schriftbild, the image of writing of the persons handwriting … depending on the persons emotional state the handwriting changes … so the receiver of the message has more information while not only reading the content of the message, but also the form it is written in

so … using this for writing emails what allow to share more … would mean to

first record ones handwriting in a balanced moment

another record of ones handwriting in an emotional state of stress, one of relaxation, one of nervousity, one of being anxious, one of being confident … and on and on

all this recording would be coupled with measuring the heart beat of the person in these states … and then later, when one is using the database to write an email,

the actual measuring of the heartbeat or other body signals would allow to choose which recorded handwriting shall be applied for this or that moment


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