combining “abolishing all armed forces everywhere” with “we trust in the people” backed theme currencies!/note.php?note_id=290725614285401

inspired by the infografic at

i got the idea of combining “abolishing all armed forces everywhere” with “we trust in the people” backed theme currencies … here is what i wrote on

1 )

i believe that shifting slowly one s exchanges of goods and services to regional people backed currencies or local exchange trade systems is a gentle way …. there could be all kind of theme currencies, like sporting activities themed, profession themed ones, handicraft themed ones …. and the themed ones would not even have to be local or regional … if i collect …wild berries in the woods, dry them on my balcony and give them away to somebody anywhere in the world for let me say three dryberries ( one dryberry, two dryberries, three dryberries … ) . so i give them away for a piece of paper, it may be even hand written, written by another person … and on it is written … three dryberries … with this paper then i go to a bycicle enthusiast and ask him if he could help me fix my bike, i could give this three dryberries for it … he thinks about it, checks the website of the dryberry network… reads there that they have an intelligent mechanism what allows every producer of dried berries to issue this much of dryberry papers … and thinks yes, that sounds good, i will start networking with my fellow bicycle enthusiasts and we might create a network with bicyclos as currency and get together with the dryberry network to start figuring out exchange rates …. all this can happen within a few hundred meters in big cities, in neigbourhoods … or from one continent to an other

2 )

abolish armies everywhere

this is a work in progress, foremost to collect material

it is not much yet and just a very rough and poorly edited wild heap of stuff … but the idea is simple … a concerted orchestrated effort to simultaneously, peacefully, democraticly abolish all national armies everywhere and as a next subsequential step dissolve all armed policeforces too and replace them with local networks of citizens who feel responsible for their neighbourhood by training themselves to solve conflicts in nonviolent, consensus oriented harmonious ways

combining the abolish all armed forces everywhere idea with the gradual shifting of goods/services exchange towards “we trust in the people” backed theme or regional or local “currencies” ….. stepping out of the pyramid ?


i am more and more seeing the problem with working seriously on facebook as there are no permalinks … i can not link the upper text to the place on thrive s wall …


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