filling one s own aura with an intense feeling / thought to spread the vibration into the cosmos

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i wanted to open a new topic at

with the title

dreams, imaginations, utopias … colours and play spirit …

and the text:

i am thankfull for every person everywhere what has thoughts, words and feets to stand in for a better world in any peacefull way

lots of good ideas i was able to read here and other sites how the system can be improved, so the sufferings what were brought in the past and are being experienced in the present will find healing

i wonder if there are stories, dreams, utopist visions, emotional images in front of the inner eye … what could bring some colours and play spirit … like … mentally… dancing a group dance and keep it so simple so even the ones who have not danced for a long time feel being taken up and welcomed anytime to join the dance … relax a moment … and slowly … trough the joy, the experiencing of the warmth of harmonious vibrating art… change may arise and happen smooth somehow … mysterious

did not achieve to find the sign up page what would have enabled me to post on the forum … and while facing this signup hurdle … i entered one of my favourite idea clouds … it is not so much the deed, the expression, the showing, the external visible proof … what moves, what gives, what contributes … it is the intention, the moment of concentration, the instant of focus … wether one stands near a tree in the woods, lights a candle at home or sees the blinking cursor on a computer screen or stands in front of the investement bureaus …. it is that moment where one allows an emotion, a thought, a body movement to fill one s aura and from there on sending out unique waves of signals, communication radiations into the cosmos … therefore creating and designing, influencing the genetic pool of all living beings by this creation, this effort of sending out an impulse, a force what has power to change and alter


sexy green eco adventures with a socially fair atttitude

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sexy green eco adventures with a socially fair atttitude

how being kind to animals, eating vegan, picking up trash in nature and building up one s body … can be a sexy adventure

how could it be possible to bring this kind of action outdoor adventure sporting activity into a combination with for example vegan nutrition …. a natural style fitness awareness ( how can i build up my body so i can work out my body towards how i want it to look … while being animal friendly and staying away of dangerous chemical / synthetic medications … ) … and finally the love for digital worlds … like videos and games….

and i have at least part of an answer ….

combining eco themed games like ….

trash tycoon on facebook


a kind of yet to be set up ecologic and social aware video portal … like




uuupps…. there is allready an active with facebook group

the idea … to create a neat integration of digital and outdoor activities … like … for animal lovers … former carnivores wanting to experience animals in more gentle ways … trail searching … with uploading photos and videos of traces from animals one has found in the wild …. for the more adventourous type ones … filming oneself how one rescues a piece of trash within a nature environment … the challenge is to both be inventive in how to move to get to the piece of trash and second be responsible to have the most least possible impact on the nature while doing this trash rescue … the video one shoots of oneself ( involving camera stands or collegues, group activities ) could have before and after the trash rescue filmings to demonstrate ones action … the online community in the game could then vote from a scale of 1 to ten or with thumbs up or down if this rescue was being done responsible and entertaining or not or only responsible but boring or entertaining but reckless etc.

according to the ratings of the fellow green game participiants one gets points and reaches upper levels …

i did allready have an idea in this direction when i started to play trash tycoon … i thought then, it could be possible to inspire people to go to a nature area and systematicly clean it from trash … doing before and after photo video etc. also recording with gps their positions … even one could make a minigame out of it how one went to collect the trash, visualizing the so coming to life trails … and then the so cleaned area could be reviewed by ones social contacts in real … like someone could find it inspiring and also go to the same space and check if the person has really done it and at the same time also do a bit more and new area of cleaning … thisway growing together … this achievements being testified then getting rewards in the game environment

incorportating the social aspect could perhaps be possible in connection with games like



like …. how can i play in a gentle way, expressing my good wishes for a lovely planet where everybody is gentle with each other and harmony is everywhere …

one way to bring this into a game could be to also upload videos and photos of oneself doing a social beneficial thing … it must not be a real grand achievement like donating a house for homeless people … altough it certainly can ( mind you, it has been done … see … the schenker movement in germany … i personally met one of these activists in bern some years ago … he was on a pilgrimage and awareness raising tour for his projects … we sat together on the street sidewalk in at old town of bern, switzerland … when he told me how a person gave them a house without asking for rent … the group then collected daily trown away food in supermarket containers and collected donations from stores … and thisway they could invite homeless persons to live in the house and eat there without having to pay … ) … to come back to the initial argument… it must not be a major task being done to be captured on photo, video or described in text or a drawing … a simple act like straightening trampled down high grass can do it … or offering oneself to other customers in supermarkets as an information provider on buying this or that product … like helping others with ones own knowledge on the ecologic and social impact of this or that buying choice…

also samewise like described above, the photos, texts and videos get positivly or negativly rated by fellow players and according to that one gets points, rewards, reaches levels etc.

another part of the game could be the fitness one … how to get physicly in shape while being pimped up by digital inspirational spheres …. i collected some material to that :


facebook game for councious athletes

i am trying to get vegan … and am doing quite well so far. also i took an interest in building muscles while getting rid of my bodyfat. i did quite a bit of reading on how to train, how to rest, what to eat, when and so on … recently i got into facebook gaming with trash tycoon … a game where one recycles trash and upcycles it into goods …

so i thought … how would it be to create a vegan bodybuilding facebook game … where one can put one s knowledge to a test about the food, exercise, rest and so on …

there could be several modes, like one for example where one does play exercises in the game exactly like the ones one did physicly… combines foods on the game like one eats really … and gives in the resting times in between … plus giving in the results in weight, muscle growths, photographies etc. …. as an option, one can get a check from several professional bodybuilders like you …. or from peer amateurs

another mode would be the theory learning mode … like one puts the gathered knowledge to a test while playing the game only virtually and sees the body growing according to the values being programmed after the inputs from experienced bodybuilders

i also thought that there could be a lot more of this councious health games … like for example producers of vegan foods could invite gamers for minigames being a worker in their vegan food company … producing vegan icecream …. going to the market to get the vegan ingredients …operating the food processor machines … designing the packages… going online to do some market research …

i could think that there could be a variety of different athletic disciplines and a number of dietary styles what can considered to be healty and eco social councious at the same time …. and perhaps there could be a way how to create a plattform to meet and have fun in the internet trough a game … where one would be able to try out this or that sport virtually, experiencing mentally what it all involves doing that sport … and likewise … giving it a dry spin on this or that diet … experiencing a virtual shopping for this or that diet …


i build my body app

game for smartphones and social network plattforms

the game has its audience in health councious and natural ways aware athletes
bodybuilders, runners, footballer, volleyball players… all kind of sportswomen and -men

one part of the game will be

sculpting the future me

where the athlete will be able to design all parts of the body one wants to work out for

there will be a set of bodytypes that come preloaded with the games, eventually well known athletes supporting the game with all their body mass data eventually plus medical data on lung volume, heart beat rates etc.
the user then can either start designing from one of this professional athletes body template and proceed with clicking on all muscle groups to make them smaller or bigger

alternativly the user can start with a neutral sort of body template, providing one s own body height and age

has the user decided for example to build a body with a template provided from a professional athlete, so will then the analysis following the finishing of the design phase come also from the provided data from this artist.
for example a footballer will in form of videos or audio files or picture accompanied texts explain how he works out to build this muscle section … how he eats at this day … how many hours of sleep he usually does benefit his system with … how many times a week he trains this way this muscle group …
samewise will for example a raw vegan food eating professional bodybuilder provide advise in case the user has decided to build a future body based on that particular athlete s template
or a cooked vegan food eating professional bodybuilder…
or a meat eating professional bodybuilder who is not taking any chemical / synthetic supplements / growth hormones / stereoids etc.

all kind of athletes could thiswise participate with this app and give aspiring learners advise how they built up their body, what diet they recommend, what exercises and more

also possible to provide an alternative choice what is independent of one chosen
favorite athelete, but allows the user to click on one muscle group and then have a variety of several ways how to build up this muscle … like 10 or more athletes to choose from for advise on this body section … and another 10 faq  of  websites combining several coaches/athletes wisdom to choose from
a multitude of choices

an important part here is to allow the user to get a picture of the several different ways how to build up a body, depending of what school of thought, what way of nutrition, what athletes or fitness gym one listens to … reading trough several different exercise sets for the same muscle group, several different nutrition plans to aid muscle growth and body fat reduction … together with several different expert advises how much muscle growth is possible in what timeframe in combination with what exercise schedule and nutrition plan
all this varieties of possible ways to get there where one wants to be in the future …
will open the mind of the user and most of all instill a sense of wonderment and respect for the journey he or she is about to embark on.

the importance of this part then would be to allow the user to mix several styles of nutrition and exercise styles with the clear notion that as this is a unique recipe being composed by the user itself, the results of such adaptions and improvisations can not be predicted … even if the user starts with a certain template and follows the providing professional athletes material on how to exercise, eat, rest etc. … because of unique genetic background and unique personal life history up to the start of the training … results can not be guaranted but must allways be taken as guestimations, vague predictions taken with a great tolerance factor

a second part of the “i build my body” app then would be the game part … the user has designed his / her avatar with the above described muscle growing / shrinking tool, has informed her/himself about the possible ways to build up this or that muscle group … has read about reallistic expectations how many months or years it could take to reach the ideal body form … has watched videos with exercises, recommended meals etc…. thisway prepared, the user can either choose a single mode, what means, not sharing data about one s own training or desired future body image on the internet … or a multiplayer mode … where one also has several options … one for example to upload pictures of ones own muscle groups at free defined intervals … and in the multiplayer mode one can meet others in the online game room gym to share todays training …

the user did today train one hour this and that muscles with sets of this and that exercise in so many repetitions
after having done this exercises and having had a good meal ( what one does also memorize or note its ingedients/style of making ), the user sits relaxed in the cafeteria of the gym or at home on the couch and starts journalling todays exercise and nutrition history within the game … like … the user steers the avatar into the gym, moves it to that machine, to this one… over to this one … while choosing at the machine from a set of options of preset exercises and repetitions … seeing one s own avatar performing the exercises at the machine … while for example other users are right beside at the next machine letting their avatars perform their exercises of today
one effect of this seeing one s own avatar mirroring one s own today s training is to have a record of it, like with a journal, another one is to allow oneself to reflect on the quality of todays training … perhaps checking back with the material in the first part of the game, the designing and learning one …. yet another more effect could be to see others exercise combinations and get inspired by neighbours or give advise … or start chatting … and eventually even get together the other day in a gym somewhere … with or without a sexual intention … experiencing symbiotic harmonies based on similiarities in training methods, diet preferences and typ of chosen avatars / desired future body forms

the game then could have all sort of internal messaging forms … instant messages … inmails … message boards / forums …

also possible to install an internal payment mode so to allow the user to pay for custom advice from this or that professional expert on this or that topic, personal coaching …

other parts of the game could be cardio trainings in the wood, in parks, jogging …. alone or in groups … choosing from several locations … yet another possibility to find other athletes in a self chosen environment while doing  self chosen cardio  … exchange this or that experience from one s journey … chatting about the nutrition, one s success with this or that muscle group growing … asking peers on advice on this or that topic


i am starting to check out what is there allready on facebook on councious gaming possibilities and found

is a wonderfully designed game about the amazon … graphic wise very lovely and truly enchanting … also the blend of info and game is very nice 

i public bookmarked it at

and ( a stack titled … i am up to all good gaming … )

where i plan to bookmark more games i find to be whollisticly good furthering awareness on health, ecology and social harmony

a quick search for vegan games brought me to

what i bookmarked at

i am intending to search for more and bookmark them

at there are some more militant vegan games ( what i do not like at all in general … but for some it might be necessary to vent of anger about the whole slaughtering issue ) … just to show the range of available possibilities

i have found this tool what could be an inspiration for the i build my body app

Design a Body For Free With Manikin | Knowledgewebb


i have not played it yet and do not know if i will succedd in attempting it ( have an old computer ) … but as it is described, this could give an idea, how a councious athlete game could partly have first person perspective functions in it


huet namitag hani bim trash tycoon spile en idee gha… oepper choent es app mache, wo mer per gps chan im wald oder am fluss e spur lege wo ueberall me abfall ufglese het… und denn per facebook fruende mitteile… villicht au kombiniere mit es chlises gschaenkli hilege a dem ort wo mer ufghoert het mit sammle um anderi zmotiviere, dert witerzmache … han die idee scho terracycle gschickt, die mached so sammelaktione fuer schuele und firme

 dueberzuegig isch sentscheidende , mengisch isch es eifach no e zuesaetzlichi motivation wenn dmensche wo me gaern het gsend was me macht und es schetzed… ich han mir au ueberleit, dass anderi freiwilligi chlini dienste wie zum bispil ere aeltere nachbarin go poschte oder oepper wo de fuess broche het sin hund go spaziere …. dass au soetigi hilfene choented i dem spili integriert werde …. und villicht so nach emene halbe jahr chunt denn scho einiges zaeme … und wenn oepper zum bispil e stell suecht…. huetzutags lueged personalschefs auf ufs facebookprofil …. choenti das helfe …plus … es choenti e moeglichkeit si, dass luet wo ir noechi woned, meh kontakt finded zunenand … villicht sogar so oeppis wie ne quartier pinwand ufem netz …. sind nur so ideeneénévolat/112954718732134?sk=wall

Sozialzeitausweis – dossier bénévolat 
Le dossier bénévolat est un instrument permettant d’assurer la visibilité du vol…See More

Benevol Schweiz: Freiwilligenjahr 2011 
www.benevol.chDas Jahr 2011 wird zum Europäischen Jahr des freiwilligen Engagements deklariert…See More


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screen capture stills of ascende animation in a pdf

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i thought it could be nice to have a little overview of what i achieved to this date with animating the ascende story … so i did some stills screen capture while the animations were running on scratch website and then assembled them into a pdf


driftwaleholder video treibwalhalter

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From treibwalhalter

ascende bilder geschichten buechlein

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ascendebildergeschichte (pdf, 11.6 mb )

my podcasts are now officialy itunes pimped

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ascende experimental newest from scratch via youtube to vodpod

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made at, recorded with, converted from flv to mov/mp4 with, uploaded to and then to

Vodpod videos no longer available.

ascende experimental newest, posted with vodpod

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