post for pixel qi blog

diy datagoggles / head mounted display
with adjustable transparency
using pixel qi tech

plus new kind of data input methods ?

something like


and or

and or

plus a low cost linux smartphone
as a pocketable processor

i prefer pocketing a smartphone before carrying around a netbook/ laptop partly because of posture, i can stand walk or sit with the smartphone

but still the hands are bound to hold the device and touch the screen/keyboard/
what limits the freedom of movement
and also somewhat treats one to the exposure of electronic vibrations
which not allways is so easy to digest

as an adult wanting to be freely moving like a 7 year old boy i wish for a technology what allows me to keep my head straight ( for example as with a head mounted display / datagoggles/ dataglasses ) and to move my arms freely to drag and drop zoom pinch
and also type on any surface
my plays lead me to

with the muscle sensing tech that freedom might be achievable ( ? )

or is the skin input tech a sollution ?

or a kind of project natal for mobile devices with cameras built into the head mounted display which register the users movements ?

last year i was thinking about RFID strips around each finger and ellbow and the like so the strips could send their ( gps? ) position to the processor what would compose them in realtime so typing a text in the air and seeing it on the head mounted electronic inc display would become a reality

i am not sure if that could all be done in a diy instructables wiki cooperative way with either hacking comercial devices or naturally much better using open source hardware designs

am wondering if there are others thinking also in this direction

thanks for your attention

andreas buechel


i wanted to post this text a the blog with the diy screen post in comments but did not manage to log in with my wordpress account details

dont know what i did wrong there

i am really interested how big the demand is for such a constructable mobile virtual reality setup with focus on easy ( well feelings on the body ) input with play ways

i still would like to post it at

for the moment i will post this at my blog


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