i wrote two comments at technology review website



i argued that our mainstream mobile tech with touchscreen smartphones and laptops are not mobile enough, meaning, that they not truly bring
the comfort to unleash the kind of extra creativity and consequently the increased productivity we could achieve… if only we would not have to be glued all the time to watch the screens, bending our necks and ruining our spines during hours of unhealty sitting positions …

“if we could liberate ourselves from the schoolbench trauma and could lift our fingers off the touch screen and straigthen our necks … we eventually could unlock vast amounts of new ideas and most of all

joy of movement while merging digital and “real”

in the second comment at


i write:

physical proximity only as much as one wishes

i understand that simpathy and momentanous state of mind and emotions are determing wheter one wants to be how near to an other person for how long. in a comment at an other article of today here at technologyreview i described an idea of transparent dataglasses as ergonomicly beneficial output device and a noncamera based mobile motion capture system as input device …. the significance of this lies in its potential to truly free the user of having to sit down at a table to be productive … no more hurting spines and stiff necks after 10 hours of screenmania …

if this system would be available, it would be possible to walk around and at the same time collaborate, share, show, being shown others works …. or walk around and not instantly share but gather and refine the materials in a dossier for later sharing.

or how about two persons playing a game of table tennis while talking about certain aspects of a project….. or more focussed for example moving words and graphics physicly and than share the image output from one’s own dataglasses via projector onto a wall, a floor, a ceiling … while everbody lies on the floor moving their arms in the air

gymnastic brings also relaxation and often the tension in groups comes from lack of abilities of single persons to express themselves … where we get to the hyrarchical problem … only the upper one is allowed to gesticulate and take room to explain with hands and walk around in the room … the underling sits still and takes as least place as possible

i would say … smashing the tables … would be a good idea … but for that the truly comfortable mobile non-camera-based mobile motion capture input system and transparent electronic ink dataglasses next generation computing device would have to be available for everyone to help us again take a bold step away from our so beloved touchscreens and laptops and enter the worldwide playfield of motion controlled creative productivity


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