journal sixteenth of august 2010

if i try to ascertain (?) where i am or stand or sit in my development, i can report what i do with the iphone in the last days. i did purchase rebirth sound machine for 7.70 fr and several xylophone and marimba and triangle music apps.
i am still collecting musical instruments on the iphone since 2 years before when i bought the iphone with the main reason to play the pianist app. ah yes, i recently bought the scottish pipe application which i really like.
one reason for me collecting these instruments is to have a balance to the much news reading i do ( trying to catch up with the advancements of robot tech and green tech and discussions on ethics in the field of technology plus what arrives in fantastic gadgets like when will this color electronic ink videoglasses come out to be connected to my iphone 3G and is there a company researching a mobile keyboard alternative text input solution like tapping in the air while walking along the river, the text being displayed on semitransparent eink displays ….) another reason for me collecting the music instruments is that one day i might want to make some tunes for an animated ebook or a background for a cartoon story or even an animation movie having the ascende story as basis

the other avenue is books, i downloaded fourty works of shakespeare in one free app, partly because of having seen the merchant of venice lately and finding it to have certain interesting psychologies… and partly because of i want to follow or research how ebooks in apps are built up, designed, stuctured, with the aim of myself somehow at a certain time in future being ready to compile the ascende stories in english and german into an iphone app and eventually an app for blackberry, android and symbian.
this seems to become right now a focus point, my own app

the most simple version would be to make it a webapp mainly serving as an rss feed of my blog
the advantage of this one would be that attention could come unto the non-fictional items i am occasionally writing, some emails, some writeups of ideas

another simple version could be just to pack english and german ascende story together and decorate with a coverart i could choose from my various graphical attempts of ascende art

a more complicated one could be the combination of blog feed and ebook

another addition could be a channel from the app to my picasa site or an other site where i would place my ascende art into albums
about a month ago i bought this iphone app comic maker and compiled some of this experimental art into a little comic book what i sent as a pdf to some friends per the smooth exporting and email as pdf feature

this saturday i tried to download the gamesalad software to my old ibook g4, but perhaps due to it being ppc and not intel it would not work
the reason is, that i also play with the idea of assembling somehow an iphone game with the ascende theme
it could also be without the ascende maima perma mary the lifeship names, but like a sort of role playing game where the overall theme is utopian experiences
a player can name the title of its game/roleplay, give one or many characters names, choose the background scenes of the game and even choose how the charakters interact…. one way of the player playing itself into its favourite fantasy setup could be graphical, another text based …. some libraries could be provided like picture libraries of open sourced databases, some other libraries could include text blocks, ideas for example taken from open source idea storage websites where texts for societal improvements and just causes are being gathered …. like greening the deserts, introducing an unconditional basic income for everyone, creating vast wildlife areas on this planet where human beings are not allowed to trampel in there,

so in this game there would be possibilities of choosing mixing cooking up ones own desired fantasy with the picture and text materials being there for everybody to be used in the public domain, like for example all my fotos, videos, texts i have uploaded at and also at my own website
i also believe the having public domain sounds, which consequently could be packed into the game
same with video

this to be practical, the amount of pictures, videos, sounds and texts would perhaps be limited to fifty each to make the overall game size less than hundred megabyte

or in a light version, perhaps only the index would be packed in, so the game would stay under twenty megabytes in size
and from the index, the app would channel in over wifi and or 3G the contect being stored at

the rules of the game would then be very minimal, perhaps there would be no other than to give the user a maximal freedom to compose freely actions with pictures and sounds and videomaterial

giving the player the possibility to export it all into several formats, movie, pdf… and publish it on a free storage and bandwith website like for example

mmmmhhh… but then, if there are no rules regarding the content and how the user should play, the overall theme utopian or positive or life affirming can also be interpreted most freely

who am i to say what is utopian and what dystopian ?
some mind might need a dystopian setting to let an utopian situation come into existance ?

so to follow it trough, i as potentional or more like wanting to be creator of a “build your own fantasy game” game environment…. would very much like to allow everyone to do everything in his/her own game he / she is constructing the same time he / she is playing it, something like

playstruct along

playcreate hereandnow

and by the way

i would be so happy to wake up on christmas day and find this game in the app store
preferably free of cost with advertisement of green tech companies

but i would pay upto 20 swiss francs if such a game would give me the possibility to create cartoon figures like at all on the iphone


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