is there allready a web plattform devoted to utopian storytelling ?

hello mr. denning

i was searching for “utopian storytelling” and found your site

where you invite to discuss about the art of storytelling to create the future

just some days ago i wrote a letter to mr. marks in where i was fantasizing about the usefullness of an online realm devoted to the creation of multimedian utopian content, as a possibility for creators of text, graphics, audio, video … to share their works and to network for eventual collaborative projects

the letter is posted at my blog

so, the question or topic i write to you
( beside that your online discussion url does lead to nowhere ) is to ask if you know about any website where there is allready the sharing and collaboration tool is given ?

and additionally, asking the storytelling researchers, how would you think a movie could come into existance made from hundreds of writers, cartoon-painters, photshop-cracks, soundengineering – hobbyists, specialeffects-amateurs and videoshooting-dreamers

like could a decentraliced flock of utopians from all over the globe create a blockbuster movie all with collaborating on the net ?

actually, while writing this to you, i think, this itself would make a great documentary and a fiction at the same time… like the participiants of the project documenting their work and mixing it then with the created fiction

or and

videologs where one talks about what happend today while writing, painting, scripting, recording… how does one feel connected to the other partipiciants ? what difference is it to a physical working together setting ?

i am looking forward to your eventual feedback and am greeting you with an
utopian enthusiastic smile on my face

andreas buechel

p.s. i am in the process of writing a novella titled
ascende, maima, perma and mary the lifeship
what i did started to write at a collaborative website at

and later compiled it roughly into an ebook

as i understand it myself, the intention of the story is to sketch the amazing possibilities an economy of abundance could bring, to motivate into believing that a system is designable what would not punish but unconditionaly support everyone and no pressure but opportunities and free room, space and time to experiment could bring healing of a long hurting-each-other past


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