visionairy ideas on synergetic learning /researching/develloping set ups

hello mr. mitra

i was very happy to read about your work in the article at from athor Ethan Zuckerman titled

TED Global 2010: Sugata Mitra, Beyond Hole in the Wall

especially the “grandmother method”
i find very progressive and suited for a sustainable empowering the individual learning system. i am looking forward experiencing the granny cloud being set up and running on a global scale.
i live in switzerland and here we have recently a lot of talks about shortages of teachers. regarding this i believe your experiments in india as well as in the UK are very valuable and greatly help to support the establishing of a peer to peer learning structure for all ages on a global scale, thiswise enabling a possibility for example for a young person living in a whealty place to learn in a video chat from an elder more experienced person living in a financialy not so rich area
eventually several kind of reward systems could come into play, for example a governement providing a sum of 20$ a year for each child to be spent on freely chosen teachers
then teachers offer 3 test sessions to allow to get known to each other
if a videochat teaching/knowledge sharing person does not need the 20 cents per hour income, they can donate from their paypal income to a general pool from where pupils will be supported which are not backed by their governement

i hope that swiss educators will notice your activities and profit from your research

me i am using the internet since more then 10 years to study all kind of topics, to write in forums and engage in email conversations
i did upload several cds with my singings on it and hours of a sort of colourformplay videoart, all of it at in the public domain

since winter 2007 i am exercising myself in develloping an utopian future
vision in the form of a written story titled

ascende, maima, perma and mary the lifeship

it is online at a site for collaborative writing at

and later i compiled it roughly into an
ebook at

in this story i describe, beside many other progressive topics, a learning setup where the individual is totally free to chose what when with whom how to learn. the borders strongly blur between basic knowledge aquiring and further research and even development towards services and production techniques.

an excerpt from it, taken from a comment i attached to the chapter “at permas home” :


there are huge scyscrapers being constantly kept free for groups or individuals to organise them completly autonomous, like to live together in communal sleeping places or single rooms, to cook, to design virtual reality experience exercise adventure labs, to set up handicraft ateliers for crafting with wood, paper, textiles in a non-electronic way. also the whole education issue has completly changed after the introduction of the free energy devices. with unlimited energy at hand and big companies giving their products at low prices, the advanced nanotechnology, everyone who wants has a small computer device with the ability to project holographic workspaces in the air, typing can be done in the open air, comoposing of 3d objects, programming is very easy in these days and the quality and quantity of open source software exceeds by far the commercial proprietary sector.
quite often the society profits in huge amounts of the excessive creative productivity coming out of this autonomous scycrapers. groups of children, age 8 to 13, playfully gang together to transcend all barriers or frontiers, intertwisting many different arts and skills, with the results in many games and fantastic literature, movies, novels consisting of photos, film, audio and text …. some even set up biology labs where they train bacteria, funghi and microalgae. trough their freedom and high selfsteem, trough them not being stressed by financial or parental or any kind of limiting structures, the joy in these experiments leads to hugely beneficial mutations. as they are open to interested visitors and mostly share their playfull research live on the internet, regularly visits of biotech company technologists are bringing these advancements into the wider society.
in the same manner, there are older individuals, like 30 40 up to the 80 years old, forming dynamic coordination and cooperation structures, using partly the same room as the kids and adolescents, setting up partly their own virtual reality labs, bioreactors, handcraft ateliers. in a kind of jam sessions all kinds of disciplines and arts, skills and study areas are finding its instant merging. singers and keyboard players improvisationing tunes while watching a group of dancers slowly moving touching energizing bioreactors with all kind of colored microalgae. wood carvers being recorded by video artists and the film material being the base material of online playable CAD games. microalgae being harvested and processed live into cardboard and from then into furnitures, watched by an internet and at same time locally present audience.
the corporations getting inspired by this all freely available and welcome to be copied and applied performances, games, programs, products …..are intensivly supporting these labs with their newest gadgets and machines, often also giving a certain percentage of the profits they make to the labs in general or to individuals.


after having composed this lenghty email to you i would like to wish you very much attention to be given toward your research projects and that the blessings of it may come to many individual young and older children everywhere on this planet

andreas buechel


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