creating an utopian multimedia storytelling online realm

hello mister marks

i was just reading an article on worldchanging from Ethan Zuckerman titled

TED Global 2010: Nic Marks and Happiness that Doesn’t Cost the Earth

i very much like the bit about finding better motivation than fear

i am trying since about 2 years to create a visionairy and utopian fiction story, basicly it is about an economy of abundance and a societywide mutual trust and joy of doing what one really wants

i published it first at
where one fellow writer jumped in to make the first chapters more readable, and i too did compile it into an ebook at

i gave it the title

ascende, maima, perma and mary the lifeship

my goal for the next two years is to

a write more of the story and improve my writing style so it is more fun to read and more bloomy and colorfull and detailed

b i am allready experimenting with some online cartoon creation plattforms and iphone comic maker apps, also occasionally am training to draw by hand
so one aim is to create a comic book with the ascende story graphicly narrated

c depending on what technology i will have access to ( i am wishing for a kind of system where i can connect a smartphone to a motion capture system and dataglasses for the reason that i believe a non touching but freely moving the hands in the air would much faciliate the creative process of moviemaking or putting together several contents like text pictures audio video into a kind of hypernovella )
so depending on the ease of my input tools and cutting rearranging mixing devices, i will eventually get to the state where the ascende story could become an utopian movie, ideally ready to be watched for free over the net on 21.12.2010

mmmmhhhh… but what might have that to do with your activities ?

i think, that it is not depending on me alone if the ascende story gets into a cartoon and or an animation movie, if i do not make it or not achieve a very good quality of a graphic novel and just a somehow consumable movie

out there are thousands of talented cartoonists, comic drawing geniuses,
enthusiasts on photoshop and blender and all kind of animation programs

would it be possible to create a project, where there is a very minimal utopian vision and many people could gather around this vision of creating an utopian movie and or an interactive videogame

a visionairy movie with many timelines and parallel storylines where many writers and painters and regisseurs could choose to write draw video compose collaborativly with whom they like having met on the plattform, or choose to contribute a standalone creation what fits in at a certain angle

a plattform for example titled

creating a bright nice future trough shared visions-
texts, paintings, comics, films, videogames with an utopian taste

also thinkable a kind of online mixing tool on this website where one can mix up a two hour evening uplifting entertaining film by either setting the mix mode to random or by choosing tags like

low-tech, high-tech, social, robot, plants, animals….

mmmhhh… so perhaps you find time to give me a feedback on the idea or even you know an allready existing utopian future envisioning being out there where i could add my little creations to it

thank you very much for your attention

with good intended wishes do i greet you

andreas buechel


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