an earthly heaven for pregnant mothers and newborn

an earthly heaven for pregnant mothers and newborn

to create a space where pregnant mothers can fully immerse themselves into beneficial vibrations
be creative with painting singing dancing slowly moving swimming and writing reading poetry

the mothers having given birth then can stay in this space too as long as they feel fitting

the nutrition in this space is of highest quality

all this combined goodness results in first a kind of healing temple with its vibration having a most beneficial effect on the surrounding

as a second more direct profit possibly been generated out of this motherchildheavens there would be the
collection of the urine of both the pregnant women but most of all the newborn babies

depending on the psychic and physiological health of the pregnant women their urine can be given to older people and or sick ones for all kind of urine therapy
modern gene analysis could certainly be applied to match the donating pregnant womans urine profile with the genetic profile of the old or and sick person aka patient

but the most precious amrita or rejuvenating fluid might be that urine from a newborn baby what has experienced so mutch harmony while growing in its mothers belly

this urine being collected for example with very fine crafted organic textile nappies

than perhaps laid on difficultcly closing wounds or wrung out and collected in glas bottles for being drunk

a third effect could be of more and more communities setting up all kind of heavens, foremost motherchild ones but being followed by all kind of beatiful set up spaces for all kind of relationships like fatherchild

public spaces each dedicated for a certain type of relationship or even specific interests
where everyone fitting to the theme can stay as long as wanted and an abundance of all is supplied
like tools to make music to paint sculpt make poems to dance make films
and all the artwork and recordings being done by the temporarily inhabitants of these spaces are being donated into a local and or global pool where they are being either conserved and or replicated and being freely available in the internet

both the receiver of the pregnant womens and newborn babies urine
as well as the appreciating connaisseurs of a painting done in a fatherchildheavenspace
are free to donate financially for the upkeep of these healing spaces

also the general population could be interested to supply their best financial or services or product support
to keep this special spaces growing and prosper


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