my tiny little wonderland box

idea of a colour and form toy

the main purpose is to replace the handheld computer with a nondigital
creativity booster selfeducational toy set
also thought of as a cigarette alternative and a diet aid
like whenever i feel the urge to have a cig or eat sweets ( because i am bored, need to wait, having a stressy situation, am revolving too mutch around the same fruitless thought circles /problems )
in all this situations i take out my

little wonderland toolbox

or the

customizable palm universe

small mighty toolbox

a toy as big as a cigarette box, with single pieces out of it one can build triangles circles hexadron cubes octogons
materials are little prism shaped glas or plexiglas sticks 3 millimeterthick and long plus either all or some of it magnetized
perhaps at the end a thin layer of manetized metall to let them stick to the little magnet balls that come with it as same as the quadrats and triangle metsll pieces
think of a rainbow generating magnetic jewellery set

something like the qi gong balls needs to come in, one can play with the spontaneously created balls and cubes
a meditative or calming or mind stimulating game in ones palm
juggling possible
mini boccia boules
hand palm billiard ?

also thinkable are very small plastik balls inflatable with a telescope roehrli
deflated takes little space, inflated it can serve as a construction aid for the
magnets and the prisms and other little ( wood ) items

little tubes with coloured sand
filled to several degrees also magnetically connectable with the prisms and the full metal magnets

little tubes/balls/cubes with coloured water partly filled
sizes 5 to 9 mm
also some items filled with an oil/ water mix
other items with several coloured very small pieces floating in the oil/water mix

possible also a customization option like with a little injection needle one can fill empty little prisms(?) with oil and or water and the tiny coloured sand/plasticks

add to all that the possibility of constructing lego like with this liquidfilled items glas prisms partly magneticly behaving in-and deflatable
flexible items
little houses spaceships playfigures like fairies elves angels animals
perhaps with little textiles for the fairies and elves ?
what opens a whole lot of new ideas like thin layers of magnetizable nanomeshed metal/textile so the outfit of the fairies can be changed without glueing or druckknopf
altough with that too being a viable option i mean the druckknopf system
for attaching hats and wings to the figures

add to that the idea of a hand reflexzone stimulating thing like the one plastik bowl with spikes one can roll with both hands
with the option of a metal fingerring
inside what is flexible so it can be rolled up and down to stimulate each finger for a few seconds

add to that the idea of a motion generating electricity to power an led bulb or a little tiny miny fan
with a little dynamo ? and some string pulling mechanism ?
or like the mechanism where a weight gets shaked up and down in a tube to generate the electricity, just much more miniaturized

and from here on we open up the field of mini biologic botanic production

like with a 1 cm microalgae bioreactor tube with a 2 mm semipermeable opening not letting fluid out or in but allowing co2 intake and o2 output
the toy built with these microalgae minibioreactor tubes the toy gets either moved by magnetic motion like pendulum style or being laid into a 2 cm lightpermeatable transparent waterbowl connected with a miniature pump pumping water up to let it fall in a tiny waterfall style or drop style down into the waterbowl what brings the much needed motion for the floating mini microalgae bioreactor tube

when the algae have grown up, some of it get harvested into a bigger container like 5 cm where it can be separated from water and processed into a kind of rawmaterial to be used for the textiles and plastics

think of it, how about a miniature
mixer where i can melange my old hair with the harvested microalgae or some dry gras / hay leafs as a base for it to be further processed with a miniature spinnrad into garn
and then woven with a miniature webrahmen loom

or how about a cigarette packet big 3 dimensional printer allowing to build sheets of bioplastic what one can
schweissen together to build bigger structures
to 3d print all kind of forms up to a size of 3 cm
like to use some of the microalgae to be harvested for ripening in a biogas collector where it can be fuelling a mini flame torch thrower or an electric soldering iron can be used to hotmelt several plastic pieces together

the idea behind this all would be that it empowers the common layman to start producing instead of compensational consuming
also it triggers the imagination and educates oneself when having the tools literally at hand
instead of a desktop 3 d printer to have a 10 cm portable 3d printer
plus all the 10 to twenty other modular miniature tools fitting all into a case the size of a netbook or laptop

using the laptop sized case as a construction frame where for example i can set up an array of mobilee style
microalgae bioreactor tubes being moved either by a fan or by some mechanical touch push input

think of the mobile lab being laptop sized than the size of the 3d printer might be 15 cm big like filling half the lab space


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  2. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!

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