thoughts on human population on planet earth

i believe the more human beings are incorporating on this planet the better because there is so much councious work so much healing of negative memories and correction of outdated behaviour waiting that we need even more souls descending into fresh strong bodies
i imagine upto hundred billions of humans living in autonomous cities and flying around in autonomous lifeships
even the construction of artificial satelites orbiting earth and floating artificial islands i see in the range of the technical possibilities of humanity just allready today
if we continue the electrification of propulsion systems and the introduction of fuel cells for home heating there would be no pollution because no combustion

and with the farming taken inside with vertical farming systems there would be vast areas of now farmland be given back into regrowing forest and wildlife spaces


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  1. “I can’t think of any technology that addresses more urgent issues than Valcent’s vertical farming system”, says RFK Jr

    Reuters Video features Valcent’s VertiCrop vertical farming system:

    • i just came across this tech and i agree of it being very efficient

      i somehow prefer aeroponics before hydroponics

      but for growing big trees within spaceships/lifeships/mobile homes/ skyscrapers

      some sort of root nesting medium like earth or clay pellets etc could be more suitable

      i want to do some more research on indoor growing fruit trees and berry bearing bushes

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