anarcho spiritual localism

anarcho spiritual localism

thoughts regarding switzerlands actual federalist structures and the aspiration of certain parts of society to stronger tie together with european union

my vision of a decentralized and everyone allowing to participate way of governing or better reach desicions together

all decisions concerning local matters can be made on a local level
the concept of nations and cantons can be replaced with a global council of regions
the global internet, street, railway aeroplane traffic networks and other intercontinental agreements for trade and science can be discussed and agreed via online votings
meaning that every region has votes according to its population size
for every hundred inhabitants one vote
for example
perhaps even better would be to give every one human inhabitant of this planet one vote on all matters concerning bigger than local or regional affairs
there could be timeframes of weeks or even months for votings to be given in during these time on an internet forum new variations or solutions on these themes

no more presidents or governements or even no more topdown structures
instead of these topdown structures local and regional councils of elected volunteers will execute the decisions of the local assembly of citizens
this local decisions could be found same like the global ones via online votings or for example via a physical meeting like in switzerland the landsgemeinde

if one local community does not manage to find the expertise needed to find a certain decision the local community can outsource the decision to another community
like watch how an other community similar to ones own has done or does
decide on a specific question
or ask certain freelance experts who are working globally for many local councils to help finding decisions


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