comment to an article about metaethics

comment to an
article titled
metaethics make slow progress
written by russell blackford

i do consider myself to believe or wanting to be a part of spiritual anarchism

to me that means i do believe in fairies altough have never seen them except for on pictures movies etc
same with angels and unicorns and elves and the more beings what might be living just outside of my momentaneous capabilities of sight and hearing range

if i ask myself how would i ideally share my own values of what i like and what i not like, i find myself a bit ambivalent

on the idealistic side the utopian approach wants me to just share my vision of a society where there is so much abundance and plentyness combined with a overall relaxedness and mutual trust
that there would not come together so much negativity or blockated energy or
pressure resulting in someone wanting to hurt another one without that persons explicitly given consent or expressed wish to be treated in a paincausing way

this utopian view believes in everyones wish to contribute to the wellness and harmony in between the overall planetarian or even cosmical community of beings

no being would want to expect anything from another being and would not feel a need to lecture anybody on anything

just every body and also every no body
meaning beings with a not for all others recognizable body or live vessel
every one would follow the lines of force would move in just exactly these fields of energy one wants to experience and would conceive all fellow beings sharing the same lines and fields
as an enrichment
because of abundant space and ressources there is no need to compete
because of one being interested just now and here in exactly that kind of activity/passivity one would not spend a tiny bit on what others do in other fields following other lines of interest

also partly because of a general trust in the interconnecting not at all visible or proovable unity of all existance
and that there is no need and actually no way to control or steer the overall one

the other side of me just is a bit sad and depressed on my actual doings in the world
what means me loosing many times a day this trust and believe into the timeless and not to any particular space bound existance of this utopian state of our cosmic community of all kind of beings
i watch myself being jealous someone having a very good exchange
i watch myself being mean and revengefull in pressure situations
i observe myself lecturing others how bad something is or how negative influence this or that behaviour is on others
etc the whole pallette
including the youshould or onewouldhaveto style of pushing ones own moral onto the other

i can think of some ways to find more peace inbetween this reality-utopia gap

one is that i just tell the person i am in relation to, wether it is a friend or a notyetknown person, how i feel about a certain situation what i experience within myself watching reading discussing
for example a situation of a person getting hurt by another
reporting about my feelings and what the situation provoces inside
without trying to import onto the listening audience/talk partner a certaing feeling or to accuse or to judge what would be the way to mend or heal or solve the experienced/witnessed situation
in short a most subjective report of emotional/counciousness state

another way could be to exactly do that above described not to do , but still without distributing guilt or accusation or condemnation
for example:
i see the solution/healing/mending in the inclusion of the person the focus of the audience/community lies on
allowing the accused person to speak out openly without it being harrassed or punished regarding its shared contents
and the audience then reacting to it with the above method of noncondemning nonaccusing selfcentred

possible also that someone with an interest in compassion is trying to explain as a placeholder for an accused person/behaviour so that the audience/community can have a possibillity to experience a relativly ( in relation how well the person can incorporate the accused/questioned person/behaviour ) authentic exchange situation

i am personally believing that no one on this planet either human or animal being should be imprisoned or be hindered to travel freely or to use any plant/substance on oneself

or to say it otherwise

i feel that i have a strong wish to experience a day on this planet when every living human and animal being is free to move as it wants to and nurture its body soul and mind with the help of any fellow plant/substance

mmmhhh. but how to respect then for example a wish of a community not wanting to allow other people to visit the land it is living on ?

i hope that with the arrival of an economy based on sustainable principles and the tapping of unlimited energy ressources like the zeropoint or overunity field the abundance will flow in every human community and the flow of travellers visitors or new residents from anywhere will be welcomed

there are many more ideas and already
applied technologies and systems available both high as well as low tech
what could be very well arguments that openness in migration and exchange of inventions could change a perception of limited ressources into a sea of wealth of potential

i am happy to have found this article and having had the inspiration to bring together some floating concepts

thank you

andreas buechel


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