greening the desert massive multiplayer online platform game

green the desert massive multiplayer online game


a) leisure time of whealthy european northamerican japanese youth young adults
b ) their love of virtual reality games
c ) their wish to contribute to climate change mitigation
to help the planet suck up more co2 with more green
d ) their interest in sustainable landscaping practices like permaculture
e ) their love to all stuff robotic and automatas remote controlled

drip irrigation tubes being led out by the remote controlled and videocam hosting robot
trees bushes plants being nurtured not only with water but also with microalgae fertilizer being grown on the greening game patch in a solarcell powered stirring floating bioreactor

water plus microalgae fertilizer plus
positive attention trough videocam
plus voice output with speakers
so one could actually from an apartement in a city sing to and play music to desert seedlings thousand of miles away

the countries in where the desert greening game happens promise to let nobody exploit this areas but to protect them as global biosphere reserves
in exchange they can apply all the technology being used on their territory
without paying licence fees and use the intelectual know how to produce remote controlled robot farming systems to satisfy the needs of the local human population

in the game itself a player starts with an investion of for example 500$ to contribute to the cost of the robot itself , the solarcell powering the robot and the microalgae bioreactor.
also the watertank gets financed partly from this start capital.
more user generated financial contributions could happen trough online surveys or clicktodonate or being paid to watch advertisements
possible also a monthly price plan of 20$
the user can choose from a multitude of robot manufacturer and their leasing or buy upfront plans plus eventual service contracts
same with several producers of microalgae bioreactor systems

several possibilities of water supply too one could be a company selling water
locally generated with water extraction of air machines
another company filling up the individual gamers water tanks by trucking it there

as this game has huge possibilities for both advertisement and in field endurance teating, the companies are being asked to keep prices as low as possible
one more reason is to allow a huge number of middle whealty gamers to participate and create a mass counciousness excitement positive force

every user can decide the level of televisioned attention its patch it wants to get, otherwise said how near other eyes / spectators the player allows to participate visually

a) supervision and global broadcasting from unmanned aerial vehicle videophotocameras as much near as 5 meters above the individual gamers plot
this is minimum game requirement to provide the transparency and quality control or pollution prevention

b) uav s being allowed to descend up to one meter, 50 cm, 20cm near to the plants
this recordings could generate income while being watched online payperview

c) the robots own camerafeed being offered to join to an unlimited or limited or even selected group of spectators

also possible of course is the player sharing its
steering the robot controlling its actions as well as the audio output of its speaker system


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