a portable biogasgenerator to feed biogasfuelcells powering smartphone

a portable biogasgenerator to feed biogasfuelcells powering smartphone

the idea came to me when i was talking with somebody about my wish to live somewhere one can just build its own earthhut or strawbalehouse or claybrick bungalow
the topic came to if or how to install a common fresh and used water pipe system
my point on it was, that in such a zone for experimental housing
( zone fuer experimentelles wohnen in bern siehe artikel im bund ) there is no need for a communal used water system because one would not use water to flush the toilet but would instead install compost toilets
and even better one would install anaerobic digesters, tanks where the human exports ( feces ) would ripen and the generated biomethane could be harvested to be used then for cooking

or and to spin the idea further
there could be a portable version of this anaerobic digester in nanosize perhaps a device in size where it fits into a trouser pocket which has in itself a tiny little fermentation tank
( one can put some drops of pee in it or saliva together with food scraps crumbs or little tiny leafs torn apart )
the fermentation tank is approx the size of a lighter and the other half of the device consists of a biogas storage tank, they are connected with tubes and there are several control displays
showing the amount of gas building up in the ripening chamber as well the amount of gas being stored in the second chamber
once the storage is 85% full a signal is beeping indicating that the user might take the biogas full storage tank out of the device and connect it onto plug it into an other pocket sized device where this ones second chamber then is feeding of the newly plugged biogas and filling up a third part battery
a biogas fuellcell

inspirated by toshiba s methanol fuelcell

such a modular system could also be used to power the house heating system for example a far infrared one

i remember having read about japanese applications of biogas and or hydrogen powered fuellcells heating homes

my next point is going away from the portable, modular biogas generator and fuelcell component system what fits into pockets and might be the other part counterpart tof the so much loved smartphone/personal digital assistant/netbook

said and do it now:

the desire of living autonomous

even autonomous from the sun,
possible with biomethane utilisation

not being forced to deal with others
( but being free and allowed to do so ) because one does not need to pay rent for land or house
because one is allowed to build its own earthhut/strawbalehouse/… on communal land
one can cultivate microalgae in bioreactors indoors to create bioepoxi for the 3d printer
printing out more bioreactor tubes for example
theoreticly even lightbulbs one day could be printed out at home
microalgae can also be put in biogas fermentation tanks or can directly produce hydrogen to provide a source for heat and


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