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Comment posted by mayloveheal (54) on May 29, 2008 7:32:35 AM UTC

i am just posting here some notes, some raw thinkings for eventually further passages:

the society having unlimited energy trough zeropoint devices and anti-gravitation propulsion is very much liberalised. every human being is getting a basic income, it starts from birth. children are free to choose with whom they would like to live after they have passed a certain approval of the village/city/community their parents live in, what means the community sees in the child a certain ability to differentiate, to find out what it wants and want not. there are children who apply for this “free roaming” at a young age, for example with 5 years or at the age of 7. others wait till the age of 10 or up untill 13.

there are huge scyscrapers being constantly kept free for groups or individuals to organise them completly autonomous, like to live together in communal sleeping places or single rooms, to cook, to design virtual reality experience exercise adventure labs, to set up handicraft ateliers for crafting with wood, paper, textiles in a non-electronic way. also the whole education issue has completly changed after the introduction of the free energy devices. with unlimited energy at hand and big companies giving their products at low prices, the advanced nanotechnology, everyone who wants has a small computer device with the ability to project holographic workspaces in the air, typing can be done in the open air, comoposing of 3d objects, programming is very easy in these days and the quality and quantity of open source software exceeds by far the commercial proprietary sector.

quite often the society profits in huge amounts of the excessive creative productivity coming out of this autonomous scycrapers. groups of children, age 8 to 13, playfully gang together to transcend all barriers or frontiers, intertwisting many different arts and skills, with the results in many games and fantastic literature, movies, novels consisting of photos, film, audio and text …. some even set up biology labs where they train bacteria, funghi and microalgae. trough their freedom and high selfsteem, trough them not being stressed by financial or parental or any kind of limiting structures, the joy in these experiments leads to hugely beneficial mutations. as they are open to interested visitors and mostly share their playfull research live on the internet, regularly visits of biotech company technologists are bringing these advancements into the wider society.

in the same manner, there are older individuals, like 30 40 up to the 80 years old, forming dynamic coordination and cooperation structures, using partly the same room as the kids and adolescents, setting up partly their own virtual reality labs, bioreactors, handcraft ateliers. in a kind of jam sessions all kinds of disciplines and arts, skills and study areas are finding its instant merging. singers and keyboard players improvisationing tunes while watching a group of dancers slowly moving touching energizing bioreactors with all kind of colored microalgae. wood carvers being recorded by video artists and the film material being the base material of online playable CAD games. microalgae being harvested and processed live into cardboard and from then into furnitures, watched by an internet and at same time locally present audience.

the corporations getting inspired by this all freely available and welcome to be copied and applied performances, games, programs, products …..are intensivly supporting these labs with their newest gadgets and machines, often also giving a certain percentage of the profits they make to the labs in general or to individuals.

if ever there are conflicts within the community of lab users how to use these money or hardware ressources, there are meetings at which the goal is to reach a consensus. is it after a certain time or a certain number of meetings not possible to reach consensus how to use the ressources, democratic voting with majority winning gets used.

similar to this, the whole economy functions. individuals and groups freely share their production and services. globally. smaller and bigger corporations being able to sell their products global without any import restrictions like custom fees ( import fees ) are donating freely into a global finance pool out of which every human being on this planet gets the same amount of basic income money. what enables them then to buy the products of this global players. or getting some salad by the aeroponic farm in the next scyscraper farm. out of the same global finance pool, coordinated by the council of regions for abundance, money flows into the public and freely accessible infrastructure such as public transport, libraries, virtual reality learning/playing/experiencing centers, the empty scyscrapers for individuals wanting to live and play and creativly produce without wanting to posess a room, house, lifeship. some money out of this pool goes into the free medical centers where allopathic and nature ways of healings are equally available. some money goes into the vertical scyscraping farms producing food for the open kitchen where everyone can choose out of a wide variety of aeroponicly grown organic raw food and several cooked dishes 24 hours 365 days a year.

the global finance pool is not in any way centralistic organised or presided by a single person. in all local areas being member of the council of regions for abundance, there are certain trustworthy persons administrating and overviewing the financial transactions, inputs as outputs. they are all together in only consensus mode deciding the amount of the money being equally available for all human beings. they are all together deciding about the technologies being offered for the transactions, cash money, digital money, ways of identification. very important in this area is the reached consensus to make it easy for everyone to get the basic income, going so far as to involve volunteers doing cash bundles handing over to the ones not wanting to have any contact with machines or electricity at all. this volunteers often also did the trading for them, for example buying a work of a wood crafter a thousand miles away.

all in all, a person being simple in its necessities does not need the basic income at all, as there is so much public kitchens, public sleeping, living, learning, experimenting places available, both non-electricly stuffed or completly virtual reality modes enhanced. also public local, interregional and global transport is fairly comfortable. this way the whole identification issue and individual-community relationship is fairly relaxed.

a lot of trust and believing exists in the fellow human being to enhance and support with its freely choosen lifestyle the variety and richness of the non-controlled community… bigbrother fears were some time ago transformed for good, individuals and corporations enjoy the digital possibilities, the freely choosable intensity how to invite artificiality into ones organic structures.


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